Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago, Part 2 of 3 — Pics!

When I was visiting my brother in Chicago last week, we did a boat tour of the architecture and architectural history of downtown Chicago. I’m posting my favorite pics, in three separate posts so the posts aren’t super-huge and hard to load. Part One is here: this is Part Two.

chicago architecture boat tour 08

chicago architecture boat tour 09

chicago architecture boat tour 10

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chicago architecture boat tour 11

chicago architecture boat tour 12

chicago architecture boat tour 13

This was probably my favorite building on the tour, and it’s the one that looks the most different from different angles — hence, the three pics.

chicago architecture boat tour 14

I really like how the non-Sears-Tower building here is clearly referencing the Sears Tower, while maintaining its own strong identity. It’s like it’s having a conversation with a really famous person who’s interesting but somewhat overbearing, and it’s doing a good job of listening while also holding its own and having plenty of interesting things to say.

chicago architecture boat tour 15

Another little bridge house! This may be my favorite picture in the whole series.

chicago architecture boat tour 16

chicago architecture boat tour 17

These last two aren’t architecture, obviously — they’re a barge from a current building project that got overloaded with clay, broke in half, and sank. (No injuries, as far as I know.) I suppose I could gas on with some pretentious comment about how they’re symbolic of something or other — the vibrancy and recklessness of a city that’s constantly re-inventing itself, or something — but really, I just like the photos. I mean, how often do you get to see a sunken barge these days?

One more set of pics coming up in the next post!

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Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago, Part 2 of 3 — Pics!

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