Help Alex Gabriel Give Away My Money!

Alex Gabriel
As regular readers may know, I’m doing this tithing thing with my income from Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why. In many ways, writing this book felt like a community effort, even more so then writing a book usually is — I got loads of help on it from lots of people in the community. So to pay some of that forward, I’m donating 10% of my income from the book to atheist organizations, charities, and projects – a different organization each month (although I may occasionally repeat) — and the people who helped me with the book get to pick one of the recipients.

This month, it’s Alex Gabriel’s turn. Alex helped enormously with the book — he did two full rounds of major copy editing, with excellent suggestions on content, structure, and style. (If you’re looking to hire a copy editor for your book, I can’t recommend him highly enough.) But Alex isn’t familiar with godless organizations in the U.S. (the recipients have to be 501(c)3 non-profits — I can’t afford to do this if I can’t write it off on my taxes). So he’s asking for suggestions. If you have an opinion on where Alex should tell me to donate my money, please go help him out!

Please make your suggestions TO ALEX, AT HIS BLOG, ON HIS BLOG POST. Please don’t make them here (or if you do, please cross-post there). His post sets out the parameters, both mine and his. Thanks!

Help Alex Gabriel Give Away My Money!
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    Alex helped enormously with the book

    It’s the glasses, isn’t it? The male version of cat’s eye glasses are black rimmed glasses. That Alex turned out to be a good copy editor was pure serendipity. The glasses called and you couldn’t resist.

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