#mencallmethings: “coma inducing halfwits,” “rape obsessed and victim embracing”

Content note: rape threats, rape trivialization

Jerk on my blog, in response to my recent #mencallmethings: “fascists,” “imbeciles” post:

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Wow, the replies hahahaha. Is that really the intellectual caliber of Greta Christina’s cult members? No wonder she has to delete all the antithetical comments. I think I’m going to become a far right wing, woman raping clergyman just so I’m metaphysically as far away from you coma inducing halfwits as possible.

And then, a bit later, in response to my original post about The Amazing Atheist that began this influx of comments from his fans:

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I’ve been working on my wife trying to convince her that Feminism has become this militant, rape obsessed and victim embracing distortion of it’s former self and she has been arguing with me, saying that you guys only represent a tiny minority of Feminists. Then I showed her this blog and made her aware of Greta Christina’s popularity. It finally convinced her that I was right all along. I’d just like to thank you guys for that! 🙂


A couple of notes on these. First, if The Amazing Atheist really does now abjure rape threats as some of his commenters are claiming, it’s not working, as it seems to have induced this commenter to make their own rape threat.

Second: In an effort to persuade people that The Amazing Atheist isn’t really sexist or misogynist and we should give him a chance to explain himself, this person goes onto a woman’s blog and tells her that she and her readers are coma inducing halfwits, and that her variety of feminism is militant, rape obsessed and victim embracing.

Third: This person seems to think that embracing victims is a bad thing. Hm. Interesting.

Fourth: Please take note of the handle. Nunraper. Yeah, that’s definitely calculated to make us listen to him on the subject of feminism, rape, and rape threats.

I’m reminded once again of Lewis’s Law: “Comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

Note: The #mencallmethings hashtag does not say #allmencallmethings, or #mostmencallmethings. If you want to learn more about the history of this hashtag and why people started using it, please read But How Do You Know It’s Sexist? The #MenCallMeThings Round-Up and Why Are You In Such A Bad Mood? #MenCallMeThings Responds! on Tiger Beatdown, where the hashtag originated. And please do not start a “but not all men are like that, so the #mencallmethings hashtag is reverse sexism!” argument. That has been addressed, at length, in the comments in the #mencallmethings: “FUCKIN HOE,” “FUCKIN FEMINAZI SLUT” post, as well as elsewhere. Please read Why “Yes, But” Is the Wrong Response to Misogyny if you’re wondering why I will not take kindly that that particular line of conversation.

#mencallmethings: “coma inducing halfwits,” “rape obsessed and victim embracing”

11 thoughts on “#mencallmethings: “coma inducing halfwits,” “rape obsessed and victim embracing”

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    @ atheist

    While true, it wouldn’t let us know up-front just what sort of bigoted asshole he is. There is something to be said for usernames and content titles which, no matter how vile or threatening, alert us to the nature of the content spewed beyond.

    I don’t think I responded to the spirit of you post there, though. I’d have to say that I agree with the sentiment.

  2. 6

    To the wife of “Nunraper”, if you exist and want to read what your husband is going on about, so you find this thread: you have my condolences on finding yourself married to a fan of rape, and my best wishes for an easy divorce if and when you decide that is your best option.

  3. 7

    On top of everything else the Amazingatheist is a scammer. I’m surprised how quickly people have forgotten about the over 17,000 dollars he took to make a website that never materialized. How does a guy who stole over 17,000 dollars still have fans?

  4. 9

    His wife read Greta Christina’s blog? Who knew pillows could read? Seriously, I would disbelieve every anecdote and every statement by these anti-feminists. I have not heard a single thing yet from them that wasn’t abuse, intimidation, ad hominem attacks, you know the drill. Not a single thing. I wouldn’t trust them to publish a times table. Disruptive conservatrolls, all of them, in my view. The bloggers on this site deserve support for standing up to those abusers.

  5. 10

    And he thinks trolling his own wife is commendable. Nice.

    Have fun with the divorce, nunraper. It won’t happen over this, but it probably will happen. That’s just statistics, true, but manchild assholes are a dime a dozen and they get less entertaining with age. You aren’t special. Or funny.

    She’ll leave you and even your best friends, should you have any left, won’t blame her.

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