#mencallmethings: “go home make me a sandwich”

Jerk on my blog, in response to my recent post on The Amazing Atheist:

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1st off im a big fan of the amazing atheist what you got to do it dont let other peoples opinions bother you as they do not concern you at all i am a atheist myself and i know how the word rape is spread about but remember dont mess with other people that you dont even know just cos you got butthurt from something they said i know how real rape is and i hate when someone is raped but remember TJ was using words just words

so go home make me a sandwich and stop making good people look bad

Thank You


I see. So in an effort to persuade people that The Amazing Atheist isn’t really sexist or misogynist and we should give him a chance to explain himself, this person goes onto a woman’s blog and tells her to go home and make him a sandwich.

I’m reminded once again of Lewis’s Law: “Comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.”

Also, words don’t matter — including brutal, graphic rape threats — and other people’s opinions shouldn’t bother people. Which is why they’re going onto a blog post to express their disagreement with it. Using words. m-/

(And yes, I know “make me a sandwich” isn’t calling me a thing. It’s telling me to do a thing. As far as I know, there’s not a #mentellmetodothingshashtag.)

Note: The #mencallmethings hashtag does not say #allmencallmethings, or #mostmencallmethings. If you want to learn more about the history of this hashtag and why people started using it, please read But How Do You Know It’s Sexist? The #MenCallMeThings Round-Up and Why Are You In Such A Bad Mood? #MenCallMeThings Responds! on Tiger Beatdown, where the hashtag originated. And please do not start a “but not all men are like that, so the #mencallmethings hashtag is reverse sexism!” argument. That has been addressed, at length, in the comments in the #mencallmethings: “FUCKIN HOE,” “FUCKIN FEMINAZI SLUT” post, as well as elsewhere. Please read Why “Yes, But” Is the Wrong Response to Misogyny if you’re wondering why I will not take kindly that that particular line of conversation.

#mencallmethings: “go home make me a sandwich”

5 thoughts on “#mencallmethings: “go home make me a sandwich”

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    If they’re just words and they can’t hurt anyone, why is anyone complaining about your criticisms? Aren’t those just words that can’t hurt anyone, too?

  2. 3

    Do you not realise that Free Speech only applies to loud, obnoxious lackwittery, and not to reasoned criticism? The former is completely inert and harmless, whereas the latter is highly toxic and must not be permitted.

    What they say are only words, what spews forth from Greta’s fingertips are magic daggers that pierce and poison the fragile, beautiful hearts of men.

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    “Note: The #mencallmethings hashtag does not say #allmencallmethings, or #mostmencallmethings.

    I hate that this disclaimer is even necessary, that “co-opting oppression and making it be about the oppressors’ feelings instead” is actually a thing.

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