Another piece of joy from Twitter, in response to my #YesAllWomen tear.

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Me: #YesAllWomen The fact that I get 10x more threats from men who hate me b/c I’m a feminist than believers who hate me b/c I’m an atheist.

Asshole on Twitter: @GretaChristina lol or your just ugly

I see. On the one hand, feminist women get targeted with misogynist threats and hatred on a daily basis. On the other hand, I’m ugly, and that’s why I get threatened. (Because threatening ugly women would totally not be misogynist.) A fine example of logic at its best. /sarcasm

BTW, I might be ugly, but at least I know the difference between “your” and “you’re.”

(And for the record: Yes, I know I’m not ugly. I don’t need to be reassured about my looks. The point isn’t whether I’m ugly. The point is that it’s irrelevant.)

Oh, interesting piece of info: I’ve been puzzled as to why my #YesAllWomen tweet saying “The fact that I get 10x more threats from men who hate me b/c I’m a feminist than believers who hate me b/c I’m an atheist.” is the one getting such a disproportionate number of asshole replies. I did a little digging, and found that my other #YesAllWomen tweets got three retweets, five retweets, nine retweets. The one about atheism got, as of this writing, 43 retweets. Not sure what that’s about.


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    Well, I do recall a recent resurgence of “the atheist community has scumbags, too” circulating. Could also be that atheist scumbags are more alert to mentions of atheism on Twitter. But then, I don’t know who retweeted you. Still, seems odd.

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    The one about atheism got, as of this writing, 43 retweets. Not sure what that’s about.

    Could also be that atheist women and allies can relate to that one especially. Many of the other #YesAllWomen are kind of generic: We all know, I would either have to retweet every single one of them and stop doing anything else, or I pick some that I find outstanding and retweet those.
    I guess it would be something to look at who retweeted them.

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    fuckin hell, but people never cease to amaze me in how horrible they can be.

    I don’t want to share a genera with these people…

  4. 5

    What an ugly tweet from an ugly person – “Hugu” you are a disgrace and you need to go home and rethink your life.

    Especially the last part of that. Same for those who agree with him* and fecally vomit such foul stuff.

    (Riffing off : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiiGJq4IFvo )

    * Normallly I’d gender neutral terminology that but in this case I think the gender is a pretty safe bet c’est nes pas?

  5. 6

    My guess is that if you call a garden-variety sexist a sexist, he says “hurr hurr bitches” and goes on with his pitiable little life- being a sexist is just incidental to him, not an identity. But a movement atheist or skeptic has identity tied up in being rational and logical and *right* and when you point out his sexism he takes it as an attack on those qualities.

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    Which I guess doesn’t directly address that tweet, but I’m looking at why the intersectionality (if I’m using the word correctly) of sexism and atheism generates so much heat.

  7. 8

    Poisoning the movement! With mission drift omg! Divisiveness! Big tent / small tent! …So basically these brave internet champions are out to ‘rescue’ their movement from the stuff that requires them to give up their feelings of entitlement.

    P.S. Marc Lepine!

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    My first thought was similar to Giliell’s. You probably have many followers who identify as women who are also skeptics and/or atheists, and the fact that you get threats from atheists more than from religious people is extremely salient to them, because it’s talking about people who are ostensibly members of OUR community. In brief: it hits home.

    I wonder if I am one of those who RT’d that particular tweet. I do remember seeing it.

  9. 10

    I love your blog but it makes me so sad to see we haven’t progressed as a society past this. It makes it hard to read more than a few posts at a time. As a gay male in Canada I don’t get subjected to a lot of these recessive comments most of the time.

    But I am glad Twitter is banning some of these accounts, showing people these comments are not allowable in this society, and that they are not as anonymous as they think.

    This type of comment I call the irrelevant insult: The insult doesn’t matter, it’s just there to attempt to demean, though beauty works better since it’s subjective and lots of people have insecurities about this. It’s best not to let it touch your ego (in fact, you must be doing good if someone took the time to insult you), but get the person banned for his own sake.

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