People of Color Beyond Faith – Please Support!

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People of Color Beyond Faith are a new coalition of atheist/humanist of color organizations whose primary focus is social justice. They’re planning several national and local projects which focus on humanist issues that deeply impact communities of color. Some of these efforts will include outreach to homeless youth and veterans, domestic violence victim assistance, HIV/AIDS education and prevention and development of prisoner re-entry resources. Their members include the Black Skeptics of Los Angeles and Chicago, Houston Black Non-Believers, Chocolate City Skeptics of Baltimore and Black Skeptics Milwaukee.

This fall they’re planning their first annual conference entitled “Moving Social Justice,” which will highlight themes and communities that are not often addressed in the mainstream atheist movement. The conference will be held during the weekend of October 11th at CFI Los Angeles. It will feature panels, workshops and presentations on topics such as women of color feminism, LGBTQ and queer youth empowerment, educational equity, culturally relevant humanism, anti-racism and confronting transphobia and homophobia in the Black Church. Confirmed speakers include Anthony Pinn of Rice University, Kimberly Veal and Raina Rhoades of Black Freethinkers, Mercedes Diane Griffin of the Mercedes Parra Foundation and Donald Wright of the Houston Black Non-Believers.

If you’re interested in supporting these initiatives please make a tax-deductible donation. You can also contribute directly to their PayPal account: [email protected] Alternatively, if you or your organization would like to lend in-kind support with school supplies, water, canned & dry goods for distribution, clothing, professional services or volunteer hours in one of our member cities, please don’t hesitate to contact them directly via email or phone.

People of Color Beyond Faith

8703 La Tijera Blvd. #2,

Los Angeles, CA 90045

[email protected]


People of Color Beyond Faith – Please Support!
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