Greta Interviewed on BBC Radio!

I was interviewed on BBC World News Radio on Saturday! It was part of their “Weekend” program, which touches on lots of different news items and items of interest. We had a brief but very interesting conversation about Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why — we talked about differences being an atheist in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Nigeria (the home of one of the panelists).

Here’s the link. The segment with me starts at the 17:52 mark, and ends (somewhat abruptly, as the show was coming to an end) at about 22:50.

IMPORTANT NOTE: BBC Radio doesn’t keep their programs online indefinitely — they only keep them up for about a week. So if you want to listen, you only have (as of this writing) six days left to do it. Enjoy!

Greta Interviewed on BBC Radio!
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3 thoughts on “Greta Interviewed on BBC Radio!

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    Can I ask what your final point was going to be?

    Bernard Bumner @ #1: My final point was going to be that, although coming out as an atheist can be difficult and stressful, most atheists who have done it are glad that they did and think it was the right decision. Thanks for asking!

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