A Few Sound-Bitey Thoughts About Oppression

It’s easy to say that an issue isn’t real when it doesn’t affect you.

It’s easy to say that oppression is a distraction when it’s not the sea of shit you swim in every day.

It’s easy to say that social justice is divisive when the status quo isn’t cutting you out.

I’m just sayin’, is all.

Others that people would add to this?

A Few Sound-Bitey Thoughts About Oppression
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11 thoughts on “A Few Sound-Bitey Thoughts About Oppression

  1. 1

    It’s easy to say your oppression isn’t as important as the oppression of some other person (far, far away), so it excuses any attempt to fix what’s right under one’s nose.

  2. 3

    Doesn’t fit your format, but the main thought I’ve been having lately:

    Too many people think issues of racism or sexism or similar concepts are merely “offending someone,” as if racism is bad predominantly because it might hurt someone’s feelings. People don’t believe oppression actually exists. People don’t believe privilege or disadvantage even exist. I have conversations with people where it’s clear we have vastly different views on reality. I think racism, sexism, etc. actually harm people and are a negative force in society. They think people need to stop whining over merely getting their feeling hurt.

  3. 4

    So maybe…

    It’s easy to say oppression is about nothing more than “being offended” when you aren’t the one disadvantaged.

  4. 9

    It’s easy to think of other people as not actual people until you’ve met them.

    It’s easy for a certain kind of person to go on thinking that even after they have.

  5. 10

    It’s easy to dismiss my oppression because it’s not as bad as yours, when it isn’t really a zero-sum game.

    It’s easy to dismiss one person’s marginalization when it doesn’t look or work exactly the same as the ones you’re more familiar with.

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