“Coming Out Atheist” Mentioned On Christian Radio!

I don’t have any way to confirm this for sure, since it was on regular radio and not a podcast you can replay and link to. But I got this Tweet the other day from Mark, a.k.a. @LibraryOgre:

GF reports that @gretachristina’s “Coming Out Atheist” has been mention on the Xtian radio her dad listens to.

When I asked (naturally) which radio show, Mark did a little digging and said this:

@GretaChristina found it. http://www.khcb.org/schedule-sat.php … GF texted me about 1154, so one of those two shows, probably.

Here is the radio station in question, by the way. KHCB Radio Network. Keeping Him Close By.

This makes me ridiculously happy. Of course, I seriously doubt that any mention of Coming Out Atheist on Christian radio was likely to be complimentary. And obviously, avid listeners of Christian radio are not exactly the target market for this book. But plenty of people listen to Christian radio who are not avid listeners. People stuck listening to it in grocery stores, offices, the back seat of their parents’ cars. And I know more than one atheist who listens to Christian radio just to keep tabs on what they’re saying (and to angry up their blood).

I dearly want to get word out about this book to people outside organized atheism. Am very happy to see it happening. And that includes this rather odd venue. Thanks, Mark, for letting me know!

“Coming Out Atheist” Mentioned On Christian Radio!
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    I second arensb’s suggestion. IMO, it would be worth making the contact just to see how they react. You never know, they might be associated with one of the few happy liberal type of religious groups that aren’t that reactionary (I wouldn’t hold my breath, though).

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