“Coming Out Atheist” Is Out!

Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why is now available!

Coming Out Atheist cover

Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why, my guidebook to coming out as an atheist and supporting one another in doing it, is now available! It’s available in ebook, print, and audiobook editions. Here’s the ordering info! If you know people who you think would be interested in this book — please spread the word!

Ebook edition:

The Kindle edition is available on Amazon. (That’s the link for Amazon US, btw — it’s available in other regions as well.)

The Nook edition is available at Barnes & Noble.

The Smashwords edition is available on Smashwords. Right now, it’s only available on Smashwords in epub format: I’m working to make it available in other formats.

All ebook editions and formats cost just $9.99.

Print edition:

The print edition is now available through Powell’s Books.

The print edition is also available at Amazon. However, be advised (if you haven’t been already) that seriously abusive labor practices have been reported at Amazon warehouses. Please bear that in mind when you’re deciding where to buy my book — or indeed, where to buy anything. (For the records: Powell’s employees are unionized.) Again, that’s the link for Amazon US — it’s available in other regions as well.

You can also get it through your local bookstore — it’s being distributed by standard wholesalers (including Ingram and Baker & Taylor), and most bookstores should be able to get it.

The print edition is $17.95 USD. It is being published by Pitchstone Publishing.

Wholesale sales of the print edition:

Bookstores and other retailers can get the book from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and other standard wholesale distributors. It can also be purchased directly from the publisher, Pitchstone Publishing.

Audiobook edition:

The audiobook version is available on Audible.

The audiobook is also available through Amazon.

The audiobook is also available through iTunes.

And yes, I did the recording for it!

Here is the description of the book, and some wonderfully flattering blurbs.


Coming out as an atheist is a powerful, liberating act. It makes life better for yourself, for other atheists, and for the world. But telling people you’re an atheist can be risky. What are the best ways to do it? And how can we help each other take this step?

In this compassionate, friendly, down-to-earth how-to guide, popular author and blogger Greta Christina (Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless) offers concrete strategies and guiding philosophies for coming out as an atheist. Based on hundreds of coming-out stories, the book offers a map of the territory atheists are likely to encounter — and ideas on how to pick the path that’s best for you.

This accessible, empathetic guide reflects a wide range of atheist coming-out experiences. It includes dedicated chapters on:

Spouses and Partners
The Internet
Conservative Communities
The Already Marginalized
and much more.

For atheists who are already out, it gives practical ideas on how to help others join you in the sunlight. And for atheists who are on the fence, it offers guidance on making that decision — and gentle encouragement to take that step.

Inspiring and realistic, kind and powerful, Coming Out Atheist is the much-needed guidebook atheists have been waiting for.

Author Greta Christina is donating 10% of her income from this book to atheist organizations, charities, and projects.


“Witty, wise, helpful, and humane, this clear and engaging book is most timely. ‘Coming Out Atheist’ is a great resource for the many Americans out there who have rejected religious faith and are moving towards embracing, acknowledging, and proclaiming their atheism.”
-Phil Zuckerman, Ph.D., author of “Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion” and “Society Without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us About Contentment”

“Old and new atheists alike will find this book invaluable as a road map through the often murky waters of coming out as a nonbeliever. As an out atheist, I was struck by how much I learned about the coming out process and its intricacies. There is no doubt that it has made me a better advocate and voice in the movement. BUY THIS BOOK IT’S AMAZEBANANAS!”
-Lauren Lane, Skepticon Co-Founder

“Greta Christina’s guide to ‘Coming Out Atheist’ is chock-full of useful ideas; but above all it is wise and compassionate.”
-Alan Sokal, Professor of Physics, New York University

“This is an important book at the right time by a clear thinker, elegant writer, and passionate human being. Greta Christina is one of a small handful of atheist authors I can count on to bring that happy combination home, time after time.”
-Dale McGowan, author of “Atheism For Dummies”

“There’s no doubt that it’s hard to be an atheist in America, but Greta Christina’s message will make you rethink keeping your beliefs to yourself. There’s an optimistic truth that ties her book together: By coming out publicly as non-religious, we are doing something courageous, powerful, and important. Given the choice between simply handing someone a copy of The God Delusion and telling that person you don’t believe in God, Greta reminds us that the personal message may be the most powerful weapon in the atheist arsenal.”
-Hemant Mehta, blogger at FriendlyAtheist.com and author of “The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide”

“What an accomplishment! In ‘Coming Out Atheist,’ Greta Christina has pulled together a great resource for emerging atheists. She very thoroughly captures the reality that atheists are people too, including non-believing clergy.”
-Catherine Dunphy, Acting Executive Director, The Clergy Project

“Greta Christina is unmatched in passion and clarity of thought. Her writing manages to be both friendly and confrontational. “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” quickly became the #1 book that I recommend to atheists and curious believers alike, and I can’t imagine a better or more complete guide to telling someone that you don’t believe than “Coming Out Atheist.”
-Gem Newman, Life, the Universe & Everything Else Podcast

“Millions of Americans are discovering that life without religion and superstition can be rewarding, fulfilling, and joyful. Greta Christina has done that growing demographic a great service, with this thoughtful and entertaining book that will inform and inspire those who embrace personal secularity.”
-David Niose, author of “Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans”

“Greta Christina knows that the philosophy of atheism is incomplete without practical and sensible advice about how to live in a world full of believers. Her fascinating life experience and astute observations of atheists, in or out of the closet, offers readers some of the most potent testimony for why coming out as an atheist will make a godless life better.”
-Hector Avalos, professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University, author of “The End of Biblical Studies” and “Slavery, Abolitionism, and the Ethics of Biblical Scholarship”

“With her trademark mix of clarity, passion, and empathy, Greta Christina has produced the definitive guide in ‘Coming Out Atheist.’ More than just a how-to, ‘Coming Out Atheist’ also empowers those already out in making our movement a more welcoming place.”
-Neil Wehneman, Development Director, Secular Student Alliance

“With this work, Greta Christina makes a sensible and reasonable case for coming out of the closet as an atheist. She points to a wide range of excellent real cases focusing on the many positive aspects of doing so. She is clear in saying that no one is looking for martyrs, but contends instead that coming out typically brings one a sense of well-being, happiness, and self fulfillment. As a popular author, Greta’s direct and to the point exceptional arguments are second to none among current authors for the secular communities. One great thing about this book is that it also takes into consideration minorities and other already marginalized groups, helping them deal with the subject of coming out as non-believers. This book offers something for everyone and Greta Christina’s unrelenting positivism makes it a pleasure to read both for the seasoned atheist as well as for the person still in the atheist closet. I strongly recommend getting two copies of this exceptional book: one to keep and one to give as the perfect present for a good friend.”
-David Tamayo, Founder and President, Hispanic American Freethinkers

“Greta’s new book gives advice on how to come out atheist to pretty much everyone you know — and even to those you don’t. Greta’s take-away message from reading and hearing thousands of coming out-atheist stories? Most of the time, despite the initial awkwardness or fear, it turns out all right. This is a great how-to-guide for cautious nonbelievers who may fear the consequences of coming out godless.”
-Annie Sapucaia, New Books in Secularism podcast

“Coming out is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Greta walks readers through that decision in a straightforward step by step process: if, when, how, to whom, and — perhaps most importantly — why. A guide for atheists and allies alike.”
-Lyz Liddell, Director of Campus Organizing, Secular Student Alliance

“Make the world a better place. Start living your life. Greta Christina shows you why and how (and how not) to escape the atheist closet. A must read for every new atheist and anyone who is considering becoming one.”
-David Fitzgerald, author of “Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All” and “The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion Book One: The Mormons”

“Not only is ‘Coming Out Atheist’ a valuable compendium of information on the how and why of coming out, it is also a unique book on the importance of living an authentic life. Beautifully woven within its pages is a priceless collection of deeply touching coming out stories. It’s one of those rare books that is both an essential resource and a fantastic read. I highly recommend it.”
-Bill Lehto, editor of “Atheist Voices of Minnesota”

“Greta Christina has written the ultimate handbook for coming out. I read this book with an eye for detail, since there are so many nuances in the process of coming out. Greta addresses each one of them with thoughtfulness and compassion. I actually think this book has something for every atheist, not just those coming out. Her insight, understanding, and knowledge mark a new path I have not seen in this kind of book before. As the Chairman of the Board of Recovering from Religion, this book is now on our list of ‘highly recommended’ for all our members and facilitators.”
-Darrel Ray, author of “The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and Culture” and “Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality”

“Coming Out Atheist” Is Out!

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    […] Fellow FtB blogger, the prolific Greta Christina has a new book out called Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why that has advice for people who are either thinking of coming out themselves or know of someone who is struggling to do so. and The book has received some excellent pre-publication reviews. You can read more about the book and what people have said about it here. […]

  2. 8

    Glad to see you on SLC today. I feel kind of bad, I was just starting a conversation with Dan Fincke and Adam Lee and all I thought to say was that your book was just the right length.

    I really liked this. Most of the sections I won’t get the chance to put to use… I’m out to family and friends already.

    I’ll have to out some serious thought into just how overt I ought to be with coworkers and the general public. I’m lucky enough to live on an area where nobody ever displays religion. There was only one visible crucifix and one Jesus fish in my last town, out of 10,000 people. Lots of people have religion in their homes, but nothing in public.

    I don’t want to be the first one to break the ceasefire. But I figure it’s best to be prepared… I’ve just bought a couple surlyramics to wear the next time I see someone with a cross. Might not be this year, but I’ll be ready.

  3. 10

    You sound worried. Jesus can help you!

    Jackson Smith @ #6: ??? Where in this post do I sound worried? It seems to me that I sound pretty excited and happy. I have a new book out, it’s all about how to make people’s lives better, it’s getting great reviews. Do you just copy-paste a generic comment to every atheist blog you run across?

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