“An optimistic truth”: Hemant Mehta’s Blurb for “Coming Out Atheist”

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“There’s no doubt that it’s hard to be an atheist in America, but Greta Christina’s message will make you rethink keeping your beliefs to yourself. There’s an optimistic truth that ties her book together: By coming out publicly as non-religious, we are doing something courageous, powerful, and important. Given the choice between simply handing someone a copy of The God Delusion and telling that person you don’t believe in God, Greta reminds us that the personal message may be the most powerful weapon in the atheist arsenal.”
-Hemant Mehta, blogger at FriendlyAtheist.com and author of The Young Atheist’s Survival Guide

Another nice blurb for Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why. Thanks, Hemant!

The book is being published on April 16, in all formats — print, ebook, and audiobook. Here’s ordering information for all three formats. Enjoy!

“An optimistic truth”: Hemant Mehta’s Blurb for “Coming Out Atheist”
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One thought on ““An optimistic truth”: Hemant Mehta’s Blurb for “Coming Out Atheist”

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    Sure, Metha thinks it’s a good book, but what do real atheists like Greta Christina and Al Dente think about this book? I know Al Dente hasn’t read the book because he won’t be able to get a copy for another 10 days. All Christina has said about the book is quoting other people gushing about it. The real voices of atheism have been silent about the merits of this book. It looks suspicious to me!!1!ONE!!

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