Exquisite Corpse Results

We were playing Exquisite Corpse today (if you’re not familiar with the game of Exquisite Corpse, here are the rules and the origin story), and I thought I’d blog some of my favorite results.

Ten thousand angry igloos took responsibility for the sexual peanut butter sandwich.
The raunchiest, raciest, filthiest space-time continuum has formulated a suddenly exposed sea gull feather.
My brand new ostrich or emu skull was rather unsettled by the pock-marked things.
Each absorbent beast paints over Fred’s friendly habits.
The wildly gesticulating mango-flavored sangria wrote passionate but not very good poetry about his favorite SF Giants pitcher.
Four friendly stockings have already reluctantly forgiven your feverish lover.
The salacious limbic system verifies my sweetest pile of teddy bears.
An anhedonic fairy climbed on top of a blackened pony.
The tiny sycophant disdainfully hurled the bizarre princess.
An elegant jarhead delivers the twelfth worm.
Five or six of the largest wastrels have been quarreling with all, and I mean all, drag queens.
Joanne’s tumescent timepiece failed to escape from the most insular tombs.
A softly-lit supervisor for District 5 had kinky sex with the red, red detonator.

I love my friends. I’m just sayin’.

Exquisite Corpse Results

5 thoughts on “Exquisite Corpse Results

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    “A softly-lit supervisor for District 5 had kinky sex with the red, red detonator.”

    “The detonator” is a rather appropriate name for a sex aid =).

  2. 2

    These sound like they could make a great creative writing exercise…everyone is randomly assigned one and spends half an hour writiing a story based on it.

    (I have an inordinate fondness for word games and odd writing prompts. I blame my circle of friends in Santa Cruz back in the day for the former and my Metafiction professor at UCR for the latter.)

    Speaking of which…have you ever played “opposites” as a change of pace from Exquisite Corpse? Everyone writes down a sentence or short passage, then writes down the opposite of it (for whatever loose definition of “opposite” feels right) and folds over the paper so that the original isn’t visible and passes the paper to the next player, and so on. You could even use Exquisite Corpse sentences as starting points…

  3. 5

    Off-topic for this thread (but not, I think, this blog):

    I might have seen you post something about her on FB, but “Lauren”‘s story and viewpoint seem to be very much up this blog’s alley. You can find her story in lots of places, but New York magazine has what I think is a nice interview here:

    Given your expressed thoughts about porn, Greta, I’d love to see what you think about that story.

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