“Coming Out Atheist” Is Done!

It is finished.

Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why is done. I just sent the typesetter-ready version to the publisher.

It’ll need one more round of proofreading before it goes to press. And I’ll need to start on publicity and promotion pretty much right away. (To some extent, work on a book is never “done.”) But the actual writing of the book — including the overwhelming majority of copy editing and proofing and other cleanup work — is finished.

I’m feeling deeply weird right now: intensely satisfied, not quite believing it, a bit at a loss. Definitely feeling a certain amount of “What now?” But deeply, deeply satisfied. And extremely happy with how it turned out.

I’d also like to point out that my deadline for getting the book to the publisher was January 2nd, and I sent it to them at 11pm on January 1st. Do I get a lollipop for finishing a day ahead of schedule? I think I get a lollipop. Maybe tomorrow I will find myself a ridiculous, high-end, overpriced foodie lollipop. With yuzu and bitters and cardamom.

I’m planning to spend the next couple/ few days resting, goofing off, getting massages, and starting to pick up loose threads of my life that I’ve been dropping over the last several weeks. I’ll be back to something resembling normal life (whatever that means for me) in a few days. And yes, that includes blogging. There are about 78,904 blog posts that I’ve been wanting to write in the last several weeks: starting next week, I’ll start writing a few of them. Thanks to everyone for your patience with my weird moods and inattention. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

“Coming Out Atheist” Is Done!
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8 thoughts on ““Coming Out Atheist” Is Done!

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    There is no better time to publish your much needed book and I can’t wait to purchase a copy. Enjoy your very well earned lollipop and more power to your keyboard in 2014.

  2. 5

    Congratulations Greta.

    I can’t say that I’ll read your new book, but I honestly hope that it will help a lot of people through the process of escaping their cults and freeing their minds.

    Looking forward to more posts!

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