Blog Break Cat Photo

I’m going into writer hibernation and taking a blog break through October 31, while I finish my next book, “Coming Out Atheist: How To Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why.”

In the meantime, here is a cat photo. I’ve pre-scheduled at least one cat photo for every day of my break, so you won’t be lonely.



Blog Break Cat Photo
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5 thoughts on “Blog Break Cat Photo

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    @1: That’s interesting you think so, because I’d have said Talisker has what I’d call a normal cat face, as opposed to flat-faced Persians, rat-nosed Siamese, or even Roman-nosed Maine Coons. I’m curious what’s got you thinking this.

    And I still love Talisker’s adorable white toes.

  2. 3

    I think you’re both right. Talisker has selected me as her preferred human, so I feel a special attachment to her. Greta will confirm that I am rather obsessed with her profile. Sort of the feline equivalent of a classic aquiline nose, I think. And yes, the white toes are amazing. She also has an unusually long tail and whiskers.

    OK, I will stop now.

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