Skepchick Forms "Light the Night Walk" Online Team — The Race Is On!

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So Freethought Blogs has gotten onto the Foundation Beyond Belief/ Leukemia & Lymphoma Foundation Light the Night bandwagon, and has started a virtual team! Even small donations help — it really does add up.

But I am compelled to inform you that Skepchick, the rival blogging network who keeps impersonating our pep squad and stealing our mascot, has entered the fray, and has started up a virtual team of their own.

We can’t let those hussies beat us, can we? Oh, sure, we got a few days’ head start. But I’m sure they will use their feminine wiles to sucker you into supporting their side. (Which, okay, fine, is all the same side. Raising money to fight cancer. Still. Rrrrrr!) And they’re offering up their own dares and whatnots for their fundraising efforts — including a bunch of artistic and creative offers, such as custom superhero drawings and custom cocktails. Totally unfair, using their unique talents like that!

So if at the end of the fundraiser, Freethought Blogs has raised more money than Skepchicks, the Skepchicks team will… uh, do something. Probably. We haven’t figured out that part yet. And if, Loki forbid, Skepchicks ends up raising more than Freethought Blogs, the Freethought Blogs team will… uh, do something else. We’ll fill you in as soon as we come up with something.

In the meantime — sign up for the team, and make a donation! Every penny counts. Go, team, go! Let’s make use of human beings’ evolutionary tendency towards tribalism and group loyalty — and our tendency to get excited out of all proportion over essentially random competition — and turn it towards good!

Skepchick Forms "Light the Night Walk" Online Team — The Race Is On!
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