Blog Break Through October 31

I finally signed the book contract with Pitchstone (publishers of the print edition of “Why Are You Atheist So Angry?”) for “Coming Out Atheist: How To Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why.” Which is hugely exciting! But it means I now have to finish actually writing the thing.

So I’m going into writer hibernation. No Facebook. No Twitter. (Except for very short announcements of upcoming events.) Minimal emailing. I’ll fulfill any deadlines or other professional and personal obligations I’ve already made… but I’m not taking on any additional ones until after October 31.

And no blogging. (Again, except for very short announcements of upcoming events.)

I know. I suck. But I’ve been trying to fit this book in around the cracks of the rest of my work, and it just isn’t working. I need to set aside just about everything else until at least an initial draft of the book is done.

In the meantime, here is a cat photo. I’ve pre-scheduled at least one cat photo for every day of my break, so you won’t be lonely.



Blog Break Through October 31
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