Ilk Necklaces by Surly Amy!

Are you one of Greta and Jen’s ilk? Then say it to the world with a Surly Amy necklace!

The commentariat here seems to have named themselves! PZ at Pharyngula has his Horde, and now I apparently have… the Ilk. (As in, “Jen, Greta, and their ilk.” And yes, I’m more than happy to share a commentariat with Jen.)

And Amy Davis Roth — a.k.a. Surly Amy of Surly-Ramics, jeweler to the atheist and skeptical communities for many a moon — has made “ilk” necklaces! There’s an “ilk” necklace in blue and purple:

ilk necklace surly amy blue and purple

And there’s an “ilk” necklace in red and brown:

ilk necklace surly amy red and brown

BTW, she also has a “feminist” necklace, in blue and green with the word “feminist” in a lovely, delicate feminine script:

feminist necklace surly amy bllue and green

And don’t forget — there are still Ilk T-shirts for sale! T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, onesies, and more, in women’s and men’s styles. Designed by Grimalkin, as a benefit for the Send A+ to Skepticon Fundraiser, the assorted garments feature a silhouetted figure — in larger and smaller body shapes — with an ilky-ilk horn and pink jackboots. You can get most of the garment types in lots of different colors (although the black figure won’t show up great against a black shirt).

Here’s the link to the T-shirt with the larger-sized silhouette:

ilk shirt mens larger figure

And here’s the link to the T-shirt with the smaller-sized silhouette:

ilk shirt womens smaller figure

To see the tank tops, hoodies, onesies, etc., in all the different styles and genders and body types, just go to the page with the design you want — larger silhouette or smaller silhouette — and click on “See all styles.” (There are literally 141 available garment styles available for each silhouette. Plus all the colors. Print-on-demand is an amazing thing. We live in the future.)

For those who are of Greta and Jen’s ILK. From the Atheism Plus store on Zazzle. Again, proceeds from sales of this shirt go towards the Send A+ to Skepticon Fundraiser.

BTW, if you’re reading this and going, “D’oh! I was going to make a T-shirt!” — fear not. You still can. There’s room for lots of ilk art in this ilkdom.

Ilk Necklaces by Surly Amy!

4 thoughts on “Ilk Necklaces by Surly Amy!

  1. 3

    Yeah, i’m going to get my partner to help me turn my artwork into a t-shirt this weekend. I need to pop over to Jen’s and ask if she would like one made similar to the one I’ve got for Greta (which I’ll be changing slightly, according to some good feedback from SallyStrange). That’s some pretty stuff up there – I hope mine will fit in well alongside it all. 🙂

  2. 4

    Neato. I have a logo on the front of my bass-drum that is from a band that is no longer together (we broke up a year ago) and I’ve been meaning to get a new image/graphic for it since I’m tired of people asking me what it stands for and then me having to tell a long, drawn-out story about how it is a band logo but not the logo for THIS band etc. Anyways, I have been thinking about getting something secular, or A+ related. Something that reflects my values without attracting too much attention/controversy. Something Ilk-y might be just the thing…

    Really like the necklaces. Very cool.

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