Greta on Sex Out Loud, Atheists Talk Radio, and Pink Atheist Podcast!

I’ve been doing a bunch of radio and podcast interviews lately, and I wanted to give you the links!

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I was on Tristan Taormino’s “Sex Out Loud” VoiceAmerica radio show a couple of weeks ago, and the podcast is now available for download! In the interview, we talk about pushing boundaries in erotica, questions of consent in erotic fiction, why an atheist would be intrigued by religion in her erotic writing, and more. (Most of this conversation was in the context of my erotic fiction collection, Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories About Pain, Power, Religion, Unicorns, & More.)

I also did an interview with Brianne Bilyeu on the Atheists Talk radio show, hosted by Atheists of Minnesota Minnesota Atheists. We talk about atheist anger, the uses of anger in a social change movement, why religious believers see atheists as angry, how anger fits into a healthy life, and more. Plus a caller who wanted to discuss the Shroud of Turin! No, really. (Most of this conversation was in the context of my book, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless.)

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And I did an interview with Phil Ferguson, Rachel Johnson, Lewood Thomas Horvath, and Ed Cobbs of the Pink Atheist Podcast! We talk about atheist anger, why atheists care what other people believe, whether religion is an idea or an identity (or both), tips on coming out atheist, and more.

Hope you have some driving time ahead of you! Happy listening!

Greta on Sex Out Loud, Atheists Talk Radio, and Pink Atheist Podcast!

4 thoughts on “Greta on Sex Out Loud, Atheists Talk Radio, and Pink Atheist Podcast!

  1. 1

    For the last year and a half I have blogged some 300 posts for Phil at and have really liked writing for him. It has been no money whatsoever but he has allowed me to post on any topic no matter how controversial–though once we had to retract a post, on a gay boy that had been immolated at his birthday party, because I had concatenated too many swear words and Google Adsense threatened us.

    There has been some advantage to being less well known. We get fewer trolls and random pugnaciousness. Though more comments and community would be nice I am afraid my shyness might kick in or my chainsaw might come out–I am rabidly, unapologetically anti religion and radically prowomen (raised by my mother and sister only) though not very PC.

    I wasn’t sure about having every post titled with “you make sense but does your money?” until I realized it’s also a double entendre–does money really make sense?, suits my Marxist economic leanings.

    I just started listening to Pink Atheist and it is a great show–I usually listen to audio books and music as I love music, the most common pop philosophy of today, and a great motivator. PA is perfect for my listening during the kind of farm and construction work I am supposed to be doing when I am inside writing. The interviews tend to be longer and more free as well.

    I haven’t listend to this episode yet but look forward to it and thanks for guesting!

  2. 3

    I was super excited when I heard Tristan say you were her Guest the next show and it was awesome! Fantastic interview and I can’t wait till payday so I can pick up your book 😀

  3. 4

    Just finished listening to the PA interview; dang, another good podcast I might have to start listening to. Between all the blogs I want to read and all the podcasts I want to listen to I have no time for sleep.

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