Ilk T-Shirts! (And Tank Tops, Hoodies, Onesies, and More!)

The commentariat here seems to have named themselves! I’ve been wondering for a while if this was going to happen. PZ at Pharyngula has his Horde, and now I apparently have… the Ilk. (As in, “Jen, Greta, and their ilk.” And yes, I’m more than happy to share a commentariat with Jen.)

And there are Ilk T-shirts! T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, onesies, and more, in women’s and men’s styles. Designed by Grimalkin, as a benefit for the Send A+ to Skepticon Fundraiser, the assorted garments feature a silhouetted figure — in larger and smaller body shapes — with an ilky-ilk horn and pink jackboots. You can get most of the garment types in lots of different colors (although the black figure won’t show up great against a black shirt).

Here’s the link to the T-shirt with the larger-sized silhouette:

ilk shirt mens larger figure

And here’s the link to the T-shirt with the smaller-sized silhouette:

ilk shirt womens smaller figure

To see the tank tops, hoodies, onesies, etc., in all the different styles and genders and body types, just go to the page with the design you want — larger silhouette or smaller silhouette — and click on “See all styles.” (There are literally 121 available garment styles available for each silhouette. Plus all the colors. Print-on-demand is an amazing thing. We live in the future.)

For those who are of Greta and Jen’s ILK. From the Atheism Plus store on Zazzle. Again, proceeds from sales of this shirt go towards the Send A+ to Skepticon Fundraiser.

BTW, if you’re reading this and going, “D’oh! I was going to make a T-shirt!” — fear not. You still can. There’s room for lots of ilk art in this ilkdom.

Ilk T-Shirts! (And Tank Tops, Hoodies, Onesies, and More!)
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35 thoughts on “Ilk T-Shirts! (And Tank Tops, Hoodies, Onesies, and More!)

  1. 2

    @1: it only looks like an antler. When you’ve been lured close enough you find out that it’s actually a giant lobster claw. But by then it is too late. Fear the Ilk.

  2. 4

    perfect for those frequent moments when a woman speaks up “too” boldly, doesn’t know “her place”, or points out that something is sexist, and some clueless douche stares in shock as if she just grew a giant antler out of her head. ♥

    (anyone notice the similarity to Greta’s book cover?)

  3. 7

    Cool! I got a bit sidetracked last night, but tonight will be working on the “got ilk?” idea mentioned in the other thread. Would you be willing to take a reference shot, Greta? All I’d want is a simple frontal shot of the bust (in the artistic sense: head and shoulders), looking slightly (but notably) to one side of the camera. It can be low-res, self-taken, whatever, I just want to do a sort of chiaroscuro effect, and a reference would be very helpful.

    I can find a different idea for the imagery if you’d rather not. 🙂

  4. 12

    If I got caught with an Ilk shirt on and charged with being an evil atheist, I can only say I was helplessly fulfilling the Evil Illuminati Agenda, and the Devil Made Me Do It! I can’t help it if I wear awesome shirts, IT’S BEYOND MY CONTROL!

    /gets back to Washing brains in her Brain Washing Iron Tub. I haz many Brains to Wash for the Evil Illuminati Agenda :+)

  5. 13

    I would love a t-shirt that said Evil IllumiNaughty Agenda, right around the breasts area…and maybe Ilk Brainwashing Goddess on the back or something. I must wash brains for Evil IllumiNaughty agenda, by hand! =~)

  6. 15

    I washed my brain last night and now I can’t do a thing with it…

    /puts stain remover on Hermit’s sinful thoughts until they are all washed away! bye bye baaad thoughts *poof* (Wytch fingers maneuver)
    /tosses Hermit Brain into scrub bin again for a refined Brain Washing
    /hangs Hermit’s Brain on the clothes line outside, let’s dry.
    /irons Hermit’s Brain until it’s nice and flat squiggly lines ^.^
    /rolls Hermit’s Brain back up into a little squiggly thing and opens Hermit’s skull cap
    /plops (daintily) Hermit Brain back into Skull Cap and locks with Skeleton Key

    the evil occult IllumiNaughty agenda has been accomplished and you are now brainwashed! xD

  7. 16

    CaitieCat, there’s shot of Greta talking at the Reason Rally (I think) at a podium in a red jacket that would serve. It’s one of my favorites of her. It comes up in the top dozen of a Google image search.

  8. 17

    Thanks, Pieter B; I’ll go looking for that, but first I would like to be sure that Greta is okay with me doing so. I know that altered versions of images of her and the others have been a big part of the harassment, and I want to just take that extra moment to seek consent before starting. Certainly I have no intention of doing so for ridicule, but it’s not my picture, so I don’t want to assume that my good intent is obvious, et c.. 🙂

    I do thank you for your thoughtful comment, though.

  9. 20

    Thanks, Pieter B; I’ll go looking for that, but first I would like to be sure that Greta is okay with me doing so.

    CaitieCat: Thanks for asking. I’m fine with you using a picture of me to create a “Got Ilk?” image. I think I know the image Pieter is talking about, and it is a good one. It’s the one illustrating my Wikipedia page:

    Here’s a bigger image:

    Let me know if this will work.

  10. 23

    While I bear more resemblance to the larger silhouette, I was too distracted by “torpedo boob” and went for the smaller silhouette in a light pink v-neck. Looking forward to wearing it!

  11. 26

    First run at the “got ilk?” shirts here. These aren’t print-worthy (they’re at a screen resolution, rather than a print-rez), but they should convey the idea we want.

    I put the pictures up at my place, you’re welcome to bring them over and make a post, or choose one, or recommend changes, or whatever. The printable size on these is about 6″ x 7.25″, give or take a bit.

    I will try later to work on one that is in white text on black, but I want to rework the image of Greta a bit before I do (add a very faint white outline to the parts of her picture that are in black, so that they’ll show on a black bg).

  12. 27

    CaitieCat – I think the “does” part of the message is extraneous. I suggest, in lieu of “Greta Christina does…” to just put the url,

    It would be a nice tease. And no less confusing to the outsider, plus it would give an easy “in” to said outsider.

  13. 28

    Thanks, Sally; I’ll put that in my recommendations/responses file, and figure out the next step when people have had a while to have a look. Much appreciated. 🙂

  14. 31

    johneberhard @ #30: I’ll repeat what I said when you posted this elsewhere on my blog: Yes, I remember that JT was, at one time, a supportive friend. I am painfully aware of it. This makes the current rupture — and his behavior following the rupture, and his behavior for months leading up to it — that much more baffling, that much more painful, and that much more sad.

    Others have made thoughtful responses to your comment when you posted it elsewhere. You might take a moment to look at them.

    In the meantime: Please don’t just keep posting this link in multiple places on my blog. It’s not an appropriate response: not logically, and not emotionally. I understand your desire to defend your son — but this is not the way to do it.

  15. 34

    So. Some of our critics, apparently facetiously, pointed out that I had only included figures that appear able-bodied. Now, while they may have been being facetious… they were right. That was an oversight on my part, which is now remedied:

    (I just added it- I started on it last night but took the time to run it by some disabled people and make it right- so it won’t appear in the full shop yet)

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