A Timeline of the Sexual Harassment Accusations

At the Lousy Canuck blog, Jason Thibeault has put together a timeline of the major events of the sexual harassment accusations in the skeptical and secular communities. This is a living document: he is updating it as new information comes in and as new events unfold.

This is hugely helpful. For people who have been following these stories and want a clear document of everything that’s happened; for people who have been following these stories and want to show other people exactly what’s been happening; for people who haven’t been following these stories because it’s confusing and new things keep coming out every day; for people who are writing or commenting on these stories and want to make sure they’re getting their facts right… this is enormously helpful

Also — when all the reports are put together like this, it’s really, really telling.

If you care about this issue, I urge to to go look at it.

A Timeline of the Sexual Harassment Accusations

3 thoughts on “A Timeline of the Sexual Harassment Accusations

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    And compilations like this make a defamation suit a lot less likely, by showing that no one here is acting in reckless or unreasonable disregard for the truth.

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    Re Raging Bded @ #1

    Au contraire, the accusation against Lawrence Krauss was modified in the comment section of that PZ post to state that the former was not being accused of sexual assault but of obnoxious behavior. The former is illegal, the latter is not, albeit putrid. I suggest that Jen modify the post to remove the accusation of sexual assault against Krauss, which may not be accurate.

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    Ah, thankyou colnago, for coming forward here as Jen’s Zecret Pro Boner Fido Legal Ass. giving out free avarice advise. Unfortunately, that also outed you as being a POOPhat (sorry, Ken) who appears to be generally acknowledged as providing her legal support.

    But it is probably good sense to keep shtumm while in litigation; I give you that. Also you may have noticed her post is redacted now.

    Apoploxies for irrelevant snark.

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