The Atheist Baseball Game — Pics!

I’ve been having a grand time at the Minnesota Atheists conference. This sort of community building is exactly the sort of thing everyone says we need to be doing, and it’s wonderful to see it happening, and to be a part of it. At a very discouraging time — to say the least — it’s a soothing and inspiring reminder of why the hell we’re in this movement in the first place.

So here are some pictures from the atheist baseball game! As a special promotional event tied in with the conference, the local minor league baseball team, The St. Paul Saints, changed their name for the day to the Mr. Paul Aints. (This is the second year that they’ve done this.) The players wore special jerseys with the red Atheist A incorporated into their logo (Minnesota Atheists has T-shirts and hats in their store). They did a couple of silly atheist-themed promotional events between innings (like an evolution-themed race). They even put the atheist “Aints” version of their logo on their scoreboard. (I didn’t get a good picture of it, but PZ did, so I’ve swiped his.)

Aints scoreboard

And all around the stadium, they covered the “S” in the “Saints” logo, so it would read “Aints.” Generally just with bits of torn paper. Like this.

Aints 2

Aints 1

Aints 3

Aints 4

Here’s the Minnesota Atheists banner posted in the walkway leading up to the entry gates.

Aints 5

And here’s me with the pig, which apparently gets re-painted for every special promotion. No, I don’t know why the mascot of the St. Paul Saints is a pig.

Aints 6

There was just something really sweet and awesome about this. Very classic Americana. Right down to the train tracks right behind the ball park, and people waving as the trains went by. Almost Norman Rockwell. (Except for the part where they played Journey during the fireworks… but even that was a modern, rock-and-roll version of Americana.) And the atheists were a totally welcomed part of it.

Also, I ate fried cheese curds with Amanda Knief. In case things weren’t awesome enough.

The Atheist Baseball Game — Pics!

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    St. Paul was originally named “Pig’s Eye” after Pig’s Eye Parrant, who was a bootlegger and bar owner near the river at Fountain Cave. A priest, Fr. Galtier, came along and decided that “Pig’s Eye” was not an appropriate name for a growing town and changed it to St. Paul. I think that this is where the Pig mascot idea came from.

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