Fashion Friday on Saturday: Deena and Gunner's Wedding

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Fashion Friday post, and this one seemed especially pertinent right now, what with it being LGBT Pride Weekend and the same-sex marriage and all.

Ingrid and I went to a wedding a few weeks ago that was a fashion extravaganza. Our friend and hairdresser Deena married her sweetie Gunner at Lake Merritt in Oakland… and the guests turned out in splendid form. The fashion struck this note that resonates strongly with me: a blend/ balance of dressiness and formality with joyous, giddy, non-conformist exuberance. It’s a hard balance to strike — dressiness and formality pretty much by definition mean “conformity to certain social norms.” But they managed it… and then some. These are theater people, and hairdressing people, and long-time participants in the queer community, and they totally get it about using fashion and style to celebrate, to communicate, and to express both yourself and your awareness of the occasion. I think the guests wanted to recognize the specialness of the occasion with the dressiness… and also wanted to recognize the specialness and uniqueness of this couple and their vivid, vibrant, outrageous styles and lives.

So without further ado — Deena and Gunner’s wedding!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 18

Jordan and his husband. Lots of amazing menswear at this wedding. As I’ve written before, menswear is really hard to be exuberant and joyful in. It’s especially hard to be be exuberant and joyful and at the same time dressy and formal in. But lots of guys at this wedding hit it out of the park. I think the whole “being openly queer, and therefore not being worried about people thinking you’re queer” thing helps.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 30

Color-coordinated butch-femme realness!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 29

Pink hair and leopard print jacket. Always appropriate.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 03

Loads of amazing ink at this wedding. I love that this is a tattoo of makeup. (That’s Ingrid photo-bombing on the right.)

Deena and Gunnar wedding 02

And here’s the makeup tattoo lady head to toe.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 12

Johnny Kat (who gave away the bride) and friend. More awesome menswear!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 04

If you can’t wear a silver sundress with green shoes to your dyke hairdresser’s wedding, when else are you going to wear it? And can I just say — SHOES!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 14

Waiyde and Critter, serving up more awesome menswear.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 15

Deena and Gunnar wedding 16

I can’t believe I got my thumb in the frame for both pictures of bridesmaid Lady Nigel. So she gets two. Also because of the super-sonic mega-awesome.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 06

More amazing ink… this time of a sewing machine. Gotta love the fashion-themed tattoos!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 08

And here is the sewing machine tattoo lady, in all her splendid glory. I like this thing of having bridesmaid’s dresses in the same fabric, but not the same design. A nice way to get cohesion and still be flattering to everyone.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 22

See what I mean about the bridesmaids?

Deena and Gunnar wedding 26

And here’s a full shot of the bridesmaid look. There’s something I love about the wedding photo of someone taking a photo. Very meta. Also, I just have to point out: Seamed stockings!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 13

More awesome menswear!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 23

Gotta love the color blocking. Of all the awesome dresses at this wedding, this was the one I most wanted to steal and take home.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 27

Kickass dress, yes… but OMLOG, look at those shoes!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 09

The band, She-L-O, a drag queen ELO cover band. And for the record, they RAWKED!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 21

And still more fabulous menswear.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 01

Stunning black and white print sundress. No further comment needed.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 05

The celebrant, Annie Sprinkle, wielding a flower-shaped bubble machine.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 07

Johnny Kat again. Again with the awesome menswear! And please note the pink Chuck Taylors. (Actually, they’re Chuck Taylor knockoffs, since Nike owns Converse and Nike’s being boycotted. They had the word “PRIDE” on the back of the heel. Gotta love it.)

Deena and Gunnar wedding 24

The only thing better than a butch dandy? Two butch dandies! (Flower girl Jenny B on the right.)

Deena and Gunnar wedding 10

Now this is how you do black for a wedding!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 25

Or this.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 17

And still more killer menswear — in a matched set, no less!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 20

Yet another dress I wanted to steal and take home.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 11

Pure class. Nothing else to say.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 28

And her little dog, too! Oh, and once again — SHOES!

Deena and Gunnar wedding 31

Here’s Ingrid with bride Deena. Alas, I didn’t get a picture of Gunner!

Deena and Gunner's wedding 33

But Ingrid got a good picture of the wedding party, and there’s Gunner and Deena at the top.

Deena and Gunnar wedding 32

And here is Ingrid and me. One of the rare occasions when one can wear a layered lace skirt and an ice-cream-man striped jacket and green hair, and still feel under-dressed. Ingrid, as usual, hit it out of the park.

Happy same-sex marriage Pride Weekend, everyone!

Fashion Friday on Saturday: Deena and Gunner's Wedding

8 thoughts on “Fashion Friday on Saturday: Deena and Gunner's Wedding

  1. 2

    dammit. everyone here looks fabulous. I nearly cried due to my utter lack of fashion sense (the comparison made it even worse).

    I still have major hangups over clothes, having internalised a message of toxic masculinity involving quite a bit of “fashion is for vain women; you shouldn’t care about it”. And so I didn’t. But having realised I was genderqueer, (and before that, a big clue-by-four of feminism), this became rather problematic. It still is.

  2. 6

    OK, I admit it. You look great (jacket!) but Ingrid looks amazing. Yellow print roses with red hair! YEEESSSSSSS

    Also, please to be sending me her pewter-gold Mary Janes. Kthnx.

  3. 7

    You both looked lovely — and everyone else did, too. I think guys have an advantage over gals when dressing for this kind of event; witness the couple in gray coats and dark slacks, matching all but ties. Ah! Whereas we women have to choose dresses, skirts, tops, shoes… and it can be really hard to make the right choice, and you can get to an event feeling badly dressed even though you looked great in the mirror at home.

    I grew up in Oakland, and the notion of a wedding at Lake Merritt charms me.

    I wish your friends a long and happy life together. And thanks for all the pics! They’re inspirational.

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