Christian Domestic Discipline: Extended Excerpt on Ozy Frantz's Blog on the "Bending" Blog Tour

She sometimes forgets that this was her idea.

She’s getting confused about this, and she forgets that she’s the one who talked him into it. She forgets that she’s the one who found the Website, with the handbook and the Bible quotes and the stories: all that stuff about how God wants husbands to decide and wives to obey, how it was God’s will for a husband to physically chastise his wife, how it restored the natural order of a marriage for a husband to spank his wife when she misbehaves. She forgets how intriguing she found it: like an adventure in marriage, an exciting secret with God’s blessing. She forgets how eager she was to show him the stories: the devotion of the rituals, the constant cycles of defiance and penitence, the loving attention to the physical details of implements and undergarments and bare bottoms being revealed. All by command of the inerrant word of God.


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To read the rest of this excerpt, go to Christian Domestic Discipline, my guest post on Ozy Frantz’s Blog.

Here’s the deal: I’m doing a blog tour for my new erotic fiction collection, “Bending: Dirty Kinky Stories About Pain, Power, Religion, Unicorns, & More.” The first installments in the tour come from Ozy Frantz, of Ozy Frantz’s Blog, including an extended excerpt from the story Christian Domestic Discipline. Many thanks to Ozy for taking part in this tour!

UPDATE: Ozy Frantz has taken down their blog. This post has now been reprinted on my own blog:
Excerpt from Christian Domestic Discipline (extended excerpt)

And remember — the book is currently available an an ebook on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. Audiobook and paperback are coming soon!

Christian Domestic Discipline: Extended Excerpt on Ozy Frantz's Blog on the "Bending" Blog Tour
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