Blogathon For SSA Week: Cat Songs

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Ingrid and I were singing to Houdini last night:

Let me go on
Like a whisker in the sun
Let me go on
Big paws, I know you’re the one.

We have totally gone to the bad place. But of course, this is not a new thing. Making up silly new cat-themed lyrics to songs is a regular occupation. On of our favorites was one Ingrid wrote for Violet, who had one green eye and one blue eye:

Why don’t you scritch me like you used to do?
Why do you treat me like a worn-out shoe?
My fur is still furry and my eye is still blue
So why don’t you scritch me like you used to do?

And of course, there’s “Everyone Knows It’s Comet!”

Who’s peeking out from under a shoebox
Leaping and twisting high in the air?
Who’s bending down to pilfer my yogurt?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

Who’s tripping down the sofas and bookshelves
Leaping at everybody she sees?
Who’s reaching out to capture a shoelace?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

And Comet has stormy eyes
That flash when she claws my thighs
And Comet has teeth to bite
Upon my toes
Upon my toes…

Who wakes us up at six in the morning
Poking my face and biting my nose?
Who snuggles up, then nips at your finger?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

Who’s chowing down on all the phone chargers
Tussling with every kitty she sees?
Who’s reaching out to dig in the laundry?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

And the one written by ReasJack, “Cat Over the Fridge Up High”:

Comet on fridge
She’ll bite like a machine
Your feet she’s in between
Your stuff she’ll glom it
She’ll chow down on it
And vomit todaaay
badum badum
She needs some more play time
She thinks “That LEG IS MINE!”
She’ll jump upon it
So play with Comet
Get on it

I still can’t believe strangers are writing songs about our cats.

Do you re-write songs in honor of your pets? What are yours?

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Blogathon For SSA Week: Cat Songs
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2 thoughts on “Blogathon For SSA Week: Cat Songs

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    When I got my two kitties, Tiggy¹ was very wary (as dominant cats often are to start with) and spent the first few days under the bookcase, only coming out at night when I was asleep. I made a point of waiting until her sister was asleep somewhere else and singing softly to her so that we would have “our thing” that was just for her and me. Four years later, and she still makes happy face and follows me around when I sing:

    Call my Tiggy “Lollipop” –
    Tell you why:
    ‘Cause she’s sweeter than a cherry pie
    And when she does her suppertime dance²
    Man I didn’t stand a chance, and I call her…

    ¹Miss Antigone Dulcibella Godwin
    ²They turn round in circles on their hind legs when it’s suppertime. I promise I did not train them to do that!

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