Help Replace Avicenna's Laptop!

You may know Avicenna at A Million Gods. If not, you should. He joined Freethought Blogs not that long ago, and has quickly become one of our most badass bloggers. (Of course, we’re all pretty badass around here…) He’s been doing amazing writing on rape culture in India, among many many many other things.

Anyway. Avicenna’s laptop just bit the dust, and he needs a new one. He won’t be able to blog hardly at all without a working laptop. So he’s doing a fundraiser for it. Although he’s spouting some line about how he could probably manage without one if he does all his email at an Internet cafe or something, and how he feels odd about asking for help for something as silly as a laptop.

Please go tell him, “Stop talking nonsense, if you’re a blogger a laptop isn’t a luxury.” Please go tell him, “We love your blogging, we value your blogging, we are willing and indeed happy to help pay for a new laptop so you can blog all you want.” Please go tell him, “The publishing business being the way it is these days, tip jars are a standard and necessary part of a blogger’s income, and you shouldn’t feel any odder about asking for support than public radio does.” And then please throw him some coin so he can get a new laptop.

Help Replace Avicenna's Laptop!

2 thoughts on “Help Replace Avicenna's Laptop!

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    Sounds fair enough. It’s not a huge ask and it is a tool of the trade so to speak. You may be able to set an example to your readers and throw some coin in for the new laptop. You are probably in a better position to help out than most people at the moment.
    I hope it all works out in the end.


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