Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me
I evolved from the sea
I’m a cousin to plankton
And the rat and the bee!

I turn 51 today. Woo-hoo! Happy birthday to me — and happy New Year to everyone. May 2013 be a damn sight better than 2012.

Happy Birthday To Me

45 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

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    In “Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations” I found this one from George Orwell:
    “At 50, everyone has the face they deserve.”

    So, I suggest to everyone, at or near 50 you should get a good portrait photo of yourself taken, suitable for framing on the wall. Then, when you are 80 or 90, and your face is all sags and wrinkles, you can point to the photo and say “THAT is what I really look like.”

    I told this to my mother when (at age 90) she was wishing she had the face she once had at 60 or so, and she seemed to find it a comfort.

  2. 24

    A VERY Happy Birthday to you, Greta — and MANY MANY more!
    I’ll echo “Hippo Birdie Two Ewe”!! and
    “Peace and Long Life — and Live Long and Prosper!”
    with the Vulcan hand salute!
    I hope your 2013 is MUCH better than your 2012 — and that your
    book sells LOTS of copies!!
    A virtual hug — if you want it. 🙂 🙂

  3. 29

    Oh, oh, oh Greta you are going to be soooooo amazed at all the wonderful things that can happen in your 50’s and beyond. Congrats and have grand fun.

  4. 33

    Oh great! Good for you.

    However, you will never be as mature! as those of us who’ve managed several/many/lots more circumnavigations of our little sun. Your future journeys ought to be lotsa fun if local experience is anything to go by.

    Your own personal star seems to be returning to its bright and steady glow just now. Let Ingrid and the kitties bask in its warmth.

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