Everyone Knows It's Comet!

It’s cat-themed song parody time! Sung to the tune of “Windy.” For those who aren’t familiar with the Legend of Comet, here’s a bit of context to help you understand this particular cat.

Comet on fridge
Who’s peeking out from under a shoebox
Leaping and twisting high in the air?
Who’s bending down to pilfer my yogurt?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

Who’s tripping down the sofas and bookshelves
Leaping at everybody she sees?
Who’s reaching out to capture a shoelace?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

And Comet has stormy eyes
That flash when she claws my thighs
And Comet has teeth to bite
Upon my toes
Upon my toes…

Who wakes us up at six in the morning
Poking my face and biting my nose?
Who snuggles up, then nips at your finger?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

Who’s chowing down on all the phone chargers
Tussling with every kitty she sees?
Who’s reaching out to dig in the laundry?
Everyone knows it’s Comet!

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Everyone Knows It's Comet!

15 thoughts on “Everyone Knows It's Comet!

  1. 4

    Every time I read about Comet I crack up.

    Someone that cute cannot be that naughty, she was just testing your yoghurt, helping with the laundry, and giving you love-tickles and love-kisses.

    Sure, she drew blood, but you’ve got nine pints. Surely it’s helpful to have her know your blood type, in case of emergency?

    I bet she could climb the North face of the Eiger in two minutes. Have you had to resort to storing everything in lucite cases yet, thanks to her “All surfaces are mine, meow kthx” tendencies?

  2. 5

    It’s funny, our best friends here have 3 cats, and they are all three like comet to varying degrees of boisterousness. They bounce off the walls, easily jump 5-6 feet to get a treat or toy, and are worse than starving canines when it comes to getting into people food.

    And our cat, while she likes to zoom around the apt, especially the stairs, is much more serene and regal. She doesn’t beg for food, and even when we offer, she’s very dainty and picky. She loves cuddling and attention, but is also very shy around anyone she doesn’t know. But, I could leave a plate of turkey (one of the few things she likes besides her kibble) on the counter and I bet she wouldn’t touch it even if we left the house for a couple hours. πŸ™‚

  3. 9

    Who’s reaching out to capture a shoelace?

    I’ve had my share of cats who interpret shoe tying as playtime. My brother’s cat, however, occasionally likes to chew on shoelaces. Chewed right through a couple of mine during visits, and once while he was fully moved in he managed to chew halfway through one by the time I realized what he was doing. Eventually the wear and tear forced me to buy yet another replacement set.

    The really annoying thing about Kafka though, is that he won’t stop whatever wrong thing he’s doing if you shout his name or snap your fingers like our previous cats. You actually have to start getting up before he responds. He has a preternatural sense for the movement of human posteriors.

  4. 10

    I love all the comments, especially No Light. All you cat lovers really “get” our problem child.

    Kafka is a great cat name! Comet is similarly unresponsive to the usual methods of telling her to knock off whatever she is doing. She has this particular look that she gives us when we are yelling “No!” I have interpreted this look to mean, “I understand that you don’t want me to do this. I have considered your suggestion that I stop, and I have rejected it.” Then she goes right back to chewing the cord, or stealing a bite of grated cheese, or whatever mischief she is up to. The only way to stop her is to actually pick her up and move her. She usually jumps right back up again.

  5. 12

    #And I think it’s gonna be a long long time,
    Till Comet comes down from the ceiling light,
    She’s not the cat we thought she was at all,
    Oh no no no…
    She’s a rocket cat

    Rocket cat,
    Clawing at my thigh and nibbling toes,
    Eating books and trousers for a long long time,
    Gnawing wires and chargers for a long long time,
    Stealing food and undies for a long long time…#

    I did that Shatner/Zapp Brannigan style. Now I’m awake and giggling at 4am, imagining them trying to sing, while they fend off Rocket Cat’s ‘Love Gouges’ (patent pending).

  6. 13

    My husband’s cat loves to jump onto the table to chew on our Star Trek tree (artificial because I’m highly allergic to evergreens). If I try to chase him off, he simply stares at me defiantly. He only moves, very slowly, when I shower him with the spray bottle of water. By now, he’s got to be the cleanest cat in the state.
    On the other hand, my cat tried it once, I yelled at him from across the room, and he immediately jumped down and ran over to me.
    Some cats just have defiant little personalities.

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