New blog design!

As you’ve almost certainly noticed, Freethought Blogs has a new design! Hope you like it!

We’re working a few of the bugs out of it now — and you can help. If you run into any bugs, features that used to be in the old design that you liked and miss, or features in the new design that you don’t like — please say so in the comments here! If you’re giving a bug report, please describe the bug as thoroughly as you can, and let us know what browser and operating system you’re using. Thanks!

New blog design!
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7 thoughts on “New blog design!

  1. 2

    You (and several, not all, others) have a link at the bottom of the sidebar which says

    FTB Dashboard

    that when clicked leads to a page which says, “Gwan, kid, git outta here!”

    This would be more effective if accompanied by gory pictures and Celine Dion songs, or other manifestations of Ultimate Atheist Evil.

  2. 3

    The text used in the body of the posts (and this comment box) is difficult to read: it’s very narrow and close together. The text used in the side-bar is much better.

  3. 5

    A small point, perhaps, but I wish someone would switch the “submit” and “preview” buttons back. It used to be “preview” first (on the left), and then “submit” second (on the right.) I have no idea why they would be reversed from this.

  4. 6

    My biggest problem right now is the look of the Home page. The article titles are centered (boo) AND they aren’t even centered in the column space, which makes the whole thing look off-kilter. I suggest (1) delete the bullet at each title; (2) flush left the titles and lead-in text. I also think the banners are too big, as is the font size for the article titles/text. It makes the Home page seem garish and my eyes begin to whirl.

  5. 7

    A 3 line comment has 9 lines of space between the . at the end of the prior comment and the first word of the next comment. This is excessive and means I have to spend a lot of time scrolling vs reading. The padding on the end of a comment is more than enough. Please removed the space above the number and the prior comment. Please also move the number of the comment to right before the nym rather than on its own line.

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