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As part of the Day of Agreement, created by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, I hereby state that I agree with everything that every religion has said, anywhere in the world, at any time throughout history. Including the stuff that completely contradicts other religions. And including the stuff within each religion that contradicts itself. I agree to all of it.

I agree that all religions are simply a matter of opinion — rather than specific hypotheses about how the world works and why it is the way it is, with both practical and moral implications and consequences. I therefore abandon my right to question it, criticize it, mock it when it’s ridiculous, and lambaste it when it’s repugnant. After all, in a free society, we never express disagreement about matters of opinion. And it might hurt someone’s feelings.

I hereby state that it is rude and mean to express any sort of blasphemy, dissent, offense, or questioning against any religion. I am a bad, bad person for ever doing this. Someone should really punish me.


Day of Agreement
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10 thoughts on “Day of Agreement

  1. 8

    I’ll do a day of agreement if tomorrow the believers all agree to a day where they openly and publicly deny the existence of their deity(ies). Fair trade?

  2. 9

    I ended up writing a post that spun off this sham. “The Happiness Patrol.”

    The short version: This Agreement Day ended up reminding me of a short-lived local thing at a town I used to live in, where people were trying to spread the facade of bliss by exposing us Grouchy Gusses to drive-by smilings because unhappiness undermines the harmony of the community. It was disturbing to read in the newspaper.

    I have the right to be unhappy and express why I’m unhappy. You don’t solve problems by intimidating the suffering into smiling. All that does is let the majority pat themselves on the back for maintaining an illusion.

    Then I imagined if they upped the stakes to mob hugging, whether we liked it or not.

  3. im

    Incidentally, this sort of thing is a denial of mathematics: it is provable that people with the same information must always agree.

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