The Comet Song: Theme from “Cat Over the Fridge Up High,” by ReasJack

Comet on fridge
Ever since we got Comet, Ingrid and I have been trying to write a song for her, to the tune of the Colonel Bogey March. Otherwise known as the tune from “Bridge Over the River Kwai.” Otherwise known as the “Comet, it makes your teeth turn green” song, beloved by children across this great nation.

Now we have one! It was posted in a comment by ReasJack, in response to my latest Catster piece about Comet, Hell’s Kitten: Learning to Love Our Play-Aggressive Cat. And it’s beautifully done. The art of the song parody is a delicate one, and many people don’t get it quite right — but this one rhymes, and scans, and has all sorts of inventive little bits. We love it. Thanks!

Here, by ReasJack, is Theme from “Cat Over the Fridge Up High.”

She’ll bite like a machine
Your feet she’s in between
Your stuff she’ll glom it
She’ll chow down on it
And vomit todaaay
badum badum
She needs some more play time
She thinks “That LEG IS MINE!”
She’ll jump upon it
So play with Comet
Get on it

The Comet Song: Theme from “Cat Over the Fridge Up High,” by ReasJack

13 thoughts on “The Comet Song: Theme from “Cat Over the Fridge Up High,” by ReasJack

  1. 5

    My current and last cats had theme songs, but they weren’t as clever as Comet’s.

    By the by, Colonel Bogey’s march was also (in fact originally) the tune to “Hitler had only one big ball….”

  2. 8

    Greta, just a word of thanks for your blogging about Comet. I have just conditionally adopted a “play-agressive” 10 month old kitten to prevent its going to a shelter. She, I’ve not named her yet but she might be Shalazar, does the knocking stuff off high places, insisting, this 4 lb wonder, on stalking and pouncing on my 20 lb male, and the thinking that ankles must be chew toys. I was delighted to just have an understanding of her nature, and now believe I just might be able to keep her. Thank you!

  3. 9

    The rhyme with “vomit” was a grim inevitability.

    The downside of calling my cat Fortran, besides having to explain it to everyone, is that nothing rhymes with Fortran. Go on, try it.

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