Street Art: Parrot

On the other hand… here is a nice picture of a bird.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a street art post, and I could use a little simple pleasure right about now. So here is a beautiful stencil of a parrot, on the sidewalk of either Valencia or Mission Street (I forget which). I’m a big fan of the big splashy murals and wall pieces, of course; but I also love how small pieces like this brighten up the city. Just little random moments of beauty, there to add a touch of joy to anyone who happens to pass by and notice. And I kind of like how the shadow of my camera is so vividly in the picture. Like the bird is about to perch on it.

If anyone knows who the artist or artists is/are, please let me know, so I can credit them properly.

Street Art: Parrot

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    Not about art, street or otherwise, but this of course reminds me of the telegraph hill parrots, and the parakeets that were hanging out in my almond tree on the other side of the bay recently.
    I took a bunch of photos and all were invited into a flickr group “city parrots.”

    It turns out there’s a small group attempting to do a global survey of “misplaced” parrots. They have a site at

    They actually advocate releasing parrots into city parks.
    I’m not sure I’m that much pro exotic-invasives.

    Thought it was interesting, sorry if off topic. Maybe I’ll share my own street art some day. 🙂

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