Street Art: Columbus, Ohio Dreamscape

When I was in Columbus, Ohio for the Secular Student Alliance conference, I saw this street art mural off of High Street, in or near the Short North (I’m still not sure where exactly the Short North begins). I was really struck by it: I like the cartoony dream-logic of it, and the tone that’s both malevolent and friendly. My favorite bits are the meditative rabbit, the angry stomping flowerpot, the watering can with the “this is for your own good” facial expression, and the irritated eleven-armed squid.

The first image is the best full shot of the mural I could get. Details, with more close-up views of each section, are below the jump.

This sign was in the same parking lot

If anyone knows who the artist or artists is/are, please let me know, so I can credit them properly.

Street Art: Columbus, Ohio Dreamscape
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4 thoughts on “Street Art: Columbus, Ohio Dreamscape

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    It is a delightful and ambitious piece but it looks kind of incomplete, like the artist(s) work were interrupted near the end.

    The mixed styles makes me think of this as a collaborative effort.

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