Welcome Cristina Rad and thunderf00t to Freethought Blogs!

Freethoughtblogs has two new bloggers: videobloggers Cristina Rad and thunderf00t, now blogging at… um, at Cristina Rad and thunderf00t. (Apparently they went to the same “how to name your blog” seminar that I did.)

Here’s what they say about themselves in their bios.

Cristina Rad: Romanian Atheist blogger and video maker, Cristina Rad, (cybername ZOMGitsCriss – pronounced “Zoh My God, it’s Criss!”), likes to address the conflicts between secular and religious views, as well as discussions on philosophy, current events and science matters. She is the author of the online published audio-book «The Unreasonable God» and she’s an outspoken supporter of civil rights for gays and lesbians.

thunderf00t: The true beauty of a self-inquiring sentient universe is lost on those who elect to walk the intellectually vacuous path of comfortable paranoid fantasies. -That is all.

Please welcome them, and go say hi!

Welcome Cristina Rad and thunderf00t to Freethought Blogs!
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8 thoughts on “Welcome Cristina Rad and thunderf00t to Freethought Blogs!

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    There are points I disagree with her on some points. However, there is no mission statement at FTB. People don’t always agree with other bloggers in their blog. Diversity is always better unless someone is advocating something that significantly hurts other people.

  2. 3

    Sorry about that meant to say…
    I disagree with her on some points

    rather than…

    There are points I disagree with her on some points.

    I got distracted by an FB message.

  3. 4

    “I’m wondering how the anti-FtB mob will view this crack in the so-called echo chamber.”

    Well, I certainly do view her having a blog here as a crack in the echo chamber. But even more so, Thunderf00t having a blog. I know my not-particularly-outrageous left libertarian views are enough to drive some of the members of the more-PC-than-thou mob here to apoplexy, I can only imagine what reaction TF will provoke. (Hell, even I think he’s crossed the line into racism a few times.) Should be interesting.

  4. 5

    @Iamcuriousblue: People disagreeing with you is not “being driven to apoplexy”. It’s people disagreeing with you. Surely you welcome spirited disagreement?

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