Atheists in LGBT Pride Parade This Sunday – Location Announced!

The gathering location has been announced!

The atheists are going to be marching in the San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade again this year, Sunday June 24. And the location where we’re gathering has been announced. We’re assembling on Beale Street, very close to Howard Street, between Howard & Mission. We’re Contingent #180. We should gather at 10:30 AM. If you don’t see us, ask someone in charge where to find contingent #180. Assembly locations can be modified at the last moment, so knowing our contingent number is crucial. The Parade says we should be ready to march by 11:00 AM.

This was a barrel of fun last year, and if you can possibly make it this year, you should definitely not miss it. This is open to folks of all sexual orientations, and straight supporters are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Details are at the Meetup page. Here are some pictures from last year’s event, to get you in the mood. (Pics below the jump.)

Let the queer community know how awesome atheists are. Hope to see you there!

(Also of interest: Atheists in the Pride Parade: Some Thoughts on Churlishness and Integrity)

Atheists in LGBT Pride Parade This Sunday – Location Announced!

3 thoughts on “Atheists in LGBT Pride Parade This Sunday – Location Announced!

  1. joy

    Damn – so far away! I’ll be there walking with my job, and we’re all the way up at Contingent #20. Still, it should be fun times for all, and I’m looking forward to being there again this year!

  2. joy

    Silly me – even further than I realized, since I’m going to be at the one in Seattle, not SF. But still, it should be a wonderful Sunday all the same.

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