Blogathon for SSA: Roasted Vegetables

And for my final non-kitten-themed post for my stretch of the Secular Student Alliance Blogathon: roasted vegetables.

Hey, it’s late. I’ve been at this all day. Give me a break.

I just want to say that roasting has given me a whole new love for vegetables. I now think that almost all vegetables should be roasted. Roasting brings out both the sweetness and the earthiness of vegetables. It somehow both condenses the flavor and smooths it out. And it’s ridiculously easy. Cut ’em up; drizzle some oil on them (enough to coat them); put some salt or spices on ’em if you feel like it, or not if you don’t; stick ’em in the oven at 400; roast ’em ’til they’re done.

You have to use a little more oil than you do for some other cooking methods, which may be an issue if you’re counting calories. But I’ve found that I eat more veggies if they’re cooked to be delicious — and eating more veggies is a huge part of healthy weight management. So it all balances out. And it balances out in the direction of deliciousness.

This post is the last one of my blogathon for the Secular Student Alliance. Not counting the kitten pics, which will continue until SSA Week is over. Donate today!

I’ve posted some quotes talking about why the Secular Student Alliance is so awesome, and why they deserve your support. If you have a story or a comment about why the Secular Student Alliance is so awesome — post it in the comments, and I’ll post it in the blog! Along with kitten photos, of course. Support the SSA!

Blogathon for SSA: Roasted Vegetables

9 thoughts on “Blogathon for SSA: Roasted Vegetables

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    Best roasted veggies: asparagus. You get very different flavors from asparagus depending on how you cook them. If you steam or (*shudder*) boil them, you get very bright, green, vegetal flavors. If you roast them, you get earthy, meaty flavors that combine very well with chicken or fish. I like to drizzle olive oil on them and sprinkle on salt, pepper, rosemary, and garlic powder.

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    You have to use a little more oil than you do for some other cooking methods

    Not if you use a method I picked up somewhere ages ago and use both when roasting vegetables in the oven or, even better, on the barbeque (that adds an extra dimension of goodness…): put them in a plastic bag, add the oil, salt and spices, inflate the bag somewhat and then turn/shake it to coat the veggies evenly. I find that helps me use less oil than if I use a pan and pour the oil on top, which easily drowns part of the vegetables and leaves others dry.

    Some favorites (perhaps not very original, but good nonetheless…):

    – Asparagus, with just a little bit of coarse salt;
    – Broccoli, with oil and a little soy or hoisin sauce (and, if you’re roasting them in the oven, some crumbled feta cheese);
    – Carrots (sliced lengthwise) with ginger, chili and a touch of brown sugar;
    – Eggplant with rosemary;
    – Portabella mushroom hats marinated w/ oil, herbs and balsamic vinegar. (At a burger party last year, I served these on buns to the vegetarians in the group — I ran out of mushrooms since the meat-eaters also loved them…)

    I would love to get some fresh ideas for this years BBQ season — can I ask everyone to list their favorites?

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    I love that too! My friend’s husband makes the best roasted veggies ever! He’s such a good cook, I’ve threatened to move in with them 😀

    By the way, your weight loss posts way back helped inspire me to start up a healthier lifestyle. I changed my eating habits completely and started exercising. I’ve lost 59 lbs so far and feel healthier and stronger than ever!

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    Cauliflower roasted has a very sweet, nutty taste. Works best if you slice it about a half inch thick instead of breaking it into flowerettes. Roast it (turning it over a time or two) until very brown & a little shriveled-looking – about a half hour or more at a high heat.

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    I totally agree with everything suggested thus far. (and Maria, thanks for sharing your amazing story! Many congrats on your newfound health and strength.)

    For me, the biggest revelations were sweet potatoes, carrots and brussels sprouts. I always used to hate cooked carrots — bland, mushy things. And like most people, I thought boiled brussels sprouts were Essence of Vileness. But roasted brussels sprouts with garlic might possibly be my favorite food on earth.

    And now I’m all hungry.

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    Brussels sprouts, cut in half, with just salt and pepper and a chopped shallot, no oil. Roast at 450 for 10 minutes- should still have a nice crunch to them and lovely blackened spots.

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