Kitten Blogathon for SSA – Comet On Lap With Cheek in My Hand

The blogathon for the Secular Student Alliance has reached $60,600! Woo-hoo! So, as promised, here is Comet on my lap resting her cheek on my hand.

Comet on lap with cheek in hand

When we first got the kittens, we wondered if we would have favorites — or more accurately, if the kittens would have favorites. In particular, we wondered how this would work with three cats and only two people. Would two kittens each get a favorite mama, and one be left out? (We are worriers, and we tend to overthink.)

This seems to have sorted itself out. Of course we both love all three to pieces. But special relationships have definitely formed. Houdini is very much both of ours. We’re both kind of in awe of her: she’s such a mysterious little Mona Lisa, off in her own little world, and when she deigns to honor one of us with her presence, we pretty much drop everything. Talisker has picked Ingrid — and Comet has picked me.

There are times when this makes me roll my eyes and wonder: How did I end up with the bitey one? How did I end up with the trouble child? How did I end up with the high-energy, high-maintenance sensation junkie, who is way too adventurous for her own good, who demands huge amounts of attention, who literally flings herself at you when she’s bored, who wants to either play or snuggle pretty much all the time?

And when I ask it that way, the answer seems obvious. I totally got the cat that I deserve. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Claw marks on my ankles and all. My heart melts into a stupid puddle when I look at her. Or even when I look at a picture of her. Awwwwwwww.

When we hit the $60,700 mark, I’ll post a photo of Houdini lounging on our pillow like the Queen of Sheba.

I’ve posted some quotes talking about why the Secular Student Alliance is so awesome, and why they deserve your support. If you have a story or a comment about why the Secular Student Alliance is so awesome — post it in the comments, and I’ll post it in the blog! Along with kitten photos, of course. Support the SSA!

Kitten Blogathon for SSA – Comet On Lap With Cheek in My Hand
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    The Secular Student Alliance is by far my favorite organization out there. They are super efficient, full of caring people, and just all around awesome. I went to my first SSA conference in 2010 and I was blown away by how awesome it was. I am still really great friends with people I met at that conference and the SSA conference is always, ALWAYS the highlight of my summer. I walk away from their conference with ideas to make my group even more awesome than they already are and with even more friends that I arrived there with. It is absolutely the most inspiring thing to see all those leaders working together. I can’t imagine my college years without the SSA. :3

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