Kitten a Day for June: Comet Sliding Off Ingrid's Lap

I realize that I have been derelict in my cat blogging duties. Whenever I meet people and we talk about my blog, one theme consistently comes up over and over again: “When are you going to put up more kitten pictures?” Yeah, yeah, all that atheism and feminism and sex theory is fine — but we want to see the cute kittens!

So I’m giving you this pledge: For the month of June, I will put up one cat picture (or video, when I can figure out how to do that) every day.

Here is Comet, sliding off of Ingrid’s lap.

This is just how Comet rolls. Literally. This “headfirst sliding off surfaces thing” she does is kind of inexplicable; but she’s kind of an inexplicable cat, so it sort of makes sense.

Kitten a Day for June: Comet Sliding Off Ingrid's Lap

14 thoughts on “Kitten a Day for June: Comet Sliding Off Ingrid's Lap

  1. Jek

    Cats are so serious when they do things like that which makes it so much funnier. Dogs know they are making you laugh, but cats don’t care either way. Comet is beautiful!

  2. 11

    Cats seem to exist in three states. Solid (and 100% NOT budging! ‘Cept maybe for treats.) Liquid (see Comet, above. I’ve had to pour Gracie out of my motorized wheelchair some mornings.) And invisible, until you blink…

  3. 13

    This is just a ploy to get more blog hits….

    …and it will be successful! =)

    My wife is out of town, so I’ve taken more pics of our feline overlord (overlady?) recently to send her.

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