Discount Student Rates for "Women in Secularism" Conference Still Available!

Discount student rates for the “Women in Secularism” conference, happening in Washington D.C. May 18-20, are still available — at the low low price of $25! There’s a limited number of student tickets, though, so if you’re a student and you want to get in on this deal, I encourage you to act fast.

All the speakers at the event will be women — but the conference is open to anybody, of any gender. The speaker list is pretty freaking incredible. In addition to the obvious awesomeness of MEEEE, there’s going to be Susan Jacoby, Wafa Sultan, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Rebecca Watson, Jennifer McCreight, Ophelia Benson, Sikivu Hutchinson, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Debbie Goddard, Lauren Becker, Jamila Bey, Elisabeth Cornwell, Margaret Downey, Bernice Sandler, and Melody Hensley.

Given the role religion has played in the repression of women, they would seem to be natural allies, and, indeed, many feminists have been outspoken and influential secularists. However, the relationship between secularism and women’s issues remains largely unexamined. Sponsored by the Center for Inquiry, this historic conference will discuss and celebrate the many contributions women have made to the secular movement, while critically examining both the successes and failures of secularism in addressing women’s concerns.

Daycare services will be provided for any registered conference participants who needs them. (You do have to register and tell them you want daycare, no later than May 1.) There’ll be smart, thought-provoking talks and panels — plus plenty of time for fun hanging-out. The conference is Crystal City Marriott at Reagan National Airport, which is on the Metro line, and hotel discounts are available. Hope to see you there!

Discount Student Rates for "Women in Secularism" Conference Still Available!
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5 thoughts on “Discount Student Rates for "Women in Secularism" Conference Still Available!

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    Good grief I thought these would have gone faster. If they open up a discount to a non-student without the money to spare for the conference fee I will be first in line!

  2. 5

    Would that these things happened in Texas. Sigh. I may be a determined nonreligious college student who stands for secularism, but flying up to DC for something like this is costly.

    And you know, I might not even mind the cost if it didn’t jerk me away from my always-attention-needy work.

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