No, JT Is Not Leaving Freethought Blogs

No, JT Eberhard is not leaving Freethought Blogs to start a Christian rock band. And no, I’m not leaving Freethought Blogs to go blog for Vogue because I got all the rage out of my system from writing my book. (Although it’s funny to contemplate. What would be the opposite of “rage-quitting”? “Happy-quitting”?) And no, Jen McCreight is not leaving Freethought Blogs to join the Men’s Rights Activist movement. And no…

The Atheist Experience has a complete rundown of yesterday’s April Fool’s activity on Freethought Blogs. 21 of us were in on the round-robin. I personally nominate Biodork for the funniest and best-written entry in the proceedings; but the whole circuit was pretty darned entertaining. If you haven’t already, check them out!

No, JT Is Not Leaving Freethought Blogs

8 thoughts on “No, JT Is Not Leaving Freethought Blogs

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    Well thank you kindly! I thought it was going to be the trident that made the best impression, but Crommunist and others have informed me that it was “his chest fully of manly silver hair shining in the florescent restaurant tract lighting.” (the chest hair thing was totally Hank’s idea, too!)

  2. 2

    I thought Blaghag the best, but that was because I was unsuspicious and believed her …..
    Let me grab the opportunity to express my relief when I understood the joke.

  3. 6

    A a hoot and a half was enjoyed by all.

    Really, there’s a lot of creativity around these parts. I am so glad because right now I can use this kind of diversion.

    Thank’s to all the FTB folks for the inventive (reciprocal) good humor. Now comes the anticipation of what you’ll concoct next year. =)

  4. 7

    This is one of those times I wish there was a ‘reply to all’ button. Because everyone wrote a great post and it was so much fun!

    I loved it so much and had such a good time rolling around FTB clicking on links. Please, please, do this again someday. It was the most fun on April Fool’s I’ve ever had…

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