"Why Are You Atheists So Angry?" Available on Kindle and Nook

My new book, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Thing That Piss Off the Godless, is for sale on Kindle and Nook!

Regular readers of this blog already know all this already. But I suspect that I’ll be getting some new visitors to the blog during/ after the Reason Rally and the American Atheists convention. So I wanted to visitor to have all this information to be right up top.

The book is available now on Kindle and Nook for just $7.99. It’s coming out on Smashwords in a few days. It’ll be available as a physical print book in a few weeks. And yes, it looks like it’ll be published as an audiobook as well — I can’t tell you any details about that until all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, but it’s looking very good. There’s a fun and informative promo video about it as well, which is on YouTube, and which I’ve also embedded at the end of this post.

Here’s the description, and some wonderfully flattering blurbs.


Why are atheists angry?

Is it because they’re selfish, joyless, lacking in meaning, and alienated from God?

Or is it because they have legitimate reasons to be angry — and are ready to do something about it?

Armed with passionate outrage, absurdist humor, and calm intelligence, popular blogger Greta Christina makes a powerful case for outspoken atheist activism, and explains the empathy and justice that drive it.

This accessible, personal, down-to-earth book speaks not only to atheists, but to believers who want to understand the so-called “new atheism.” “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” drops a bombshell on the destructive force of religious faith — and gives a voice to millions of angry atheists.

“Greta Christina’s analysis of religion is acute and witty, and at the same time fair and compassionate. And I’m jealous: I sure wish I could write as well as she does.”
-Alan Sokal, Professor of Physics, New York University

“Greta has done something truly impressive with this book: She explains in a calm, reasonable, and thoughtful way exactly why she’s a pissed-off, angry atheist. She’s not alone, though, and it’s not only other atheists who will agree with her. In fact, I *dare* religious people to read this book and not come away furious at the often awful impact faith has had on the world, even if they don’t believe they’re responsible for it. I may be a “friendly atheist” online, but Greta definitely speaks for me in this book.”
-Hemant Mehta, Friendly Atheist, author of I Sold My Soul on eBay

“If only more people could channel their anger into something so inspiring! Greta Christina has written the perfect book for anyone who wonders about the true impact of religious dogma on women’s health, gay rights, science education, and the daily lives of those who have no faith. Her concluding chapter, which contains solid advice for how to make a positive change in the world, will ensure that you’ll have an outlet for all that rage you’ll build up by the end of the book. Trust me – you’ll need it.”
-Rebecca Watson, Skepchick.org

“I found this book informative and enraging! Leave it to Greta to inform and elucidate like no other. I highly recommend this book to everyone, everywhere. And I hope never to get Greta angry at me. 🙂 ”
-David Silverman, President, American Atheists

“Greta Christina’s book offers a passionately lucid explanation of the reasons for atheist anger and its connection to the energy behind all movements for social justice. It is both informative and inspiring.”
-Ophelia Benson, Butterflies and Wheels

“They say if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Well, Greta Christina is definitely paying attention — and in this book, she delivers a clean, bracing blast of atheist anger, like a refreshing cool breeze in a stifling hothouse of faith, that offers compelling reasons why all rational people of conscience should oppose religion and the harm it does.”
-Adam Lee, Daylight Atheism

“Greta Christina is one of the best writers on religion out there, period. I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time.”
-Chris Hallquist, The Uncredible Hallq

“This just became my number-one book to recommend to all believers and new atheists alike. I thought the field of atheist literature was all just rehashing the same stuff by now. But this is an original, visceral, and ultimately complete defense of not just atheist outrage, but atheism itself. Greta sticks to the undeniable facts-on-the-ground and articulates it all correctly and well, heading off every possible rebuttal with brilliant economy. She never gets bogged down in abstract philosophy, yet still hits every key abstract point, leaving you by the end with no rational reason not to agree, and finally kick to the curb that useless old religion, or get off your bum and really do something for the cause.”
-Dr. Richard Carrier, author of Sense and Goodness without God


And here are links to reviews of the book, from PZ Myers at Pharyngula, Jen McCreight at BlagHag, JT Eberhard at WWJTD?, Hemant Mehta at Friendly Atheist, Chris Hallquist at The Uncredible Hallq, Stephanie Zvan at Almost Diamonds, Hank Fox at Blue Collar Atheist, Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars, and Dana Hunter at En Tequila Es Verdad.

Again, Why Are You Atheists So Angry? is available now on Kindle and Nook. If you read it and like it — please spread the word! Tweet it, Facebook it, tell your friends, write nice reviews on Amazon about it, stop strangers on the street to rave at them about it.

And here’s the promo video.


"Why Are You Atheists So Angry?" Available on Kindle and Nook

34 thoughts on “"Why Are You Atheists So Angry?" Available on Kindle and Nook

  1. 9

    Just bought the book a few hours ago. I will finish it in a few hours. I hadn’t heard of you before today (my loss, obviously) and you have one more new huge fan. A great book! I’ll post an Amazon review as soon as I finish.

  2. 12

    As a Christian, I hope more Christians will read your book and listen to what you have to say. Well done, well said, and I agree with everything that you say you hate, that is wrong. I have purchased your book and will review it with other Christians when I am done.

  3. 13

    @ victor brawner so you agree with the part of no reality checks based on no evidence!? How about the privileged status? I’m glad you read the book and hope you do share it and discuss it. My above questions are truely out of curiosity.

  4. 14

    I apologize for the miscommunication. I have not read the book, I just purchased it today. When I said I agreed with what she said, I was referring to a youtube video I watched today that led me to this blog. I realize now, after reading my comment that it was misleading.

    Therefore I have no comment on your questions. After I read the book, though, I will return and answer your questions. I will also review the book in my blog called “the atheist-friendly christian.”

    Again my apologies,


  5. 16

    I got the Kindle version of the book to read on my iPad. I read it this past weekend in honor of the Reason Rally which I could not attend. The book was a wonderful way to feel connected to the event. Great writing as always Greta (you do realize that Great and Greta are just one transposition apart don’t you)!

  6. 17


    Also, she is very clear that what she has toward this behavior is not hate. It is anger. There is a difference.

  7. 21

    Who could have guessed that reading all those reasons to be pissed off could actually make you feel better, but I do 😀

    I especially appreciate the part about how religion has no “reality check”. That’s a good way of expressing something I have long struggled to put into words myself. If you look at much of what is actually written in sacred texts like the Bible or the Quran (doctrines like martyrdom and jihad, divine laws demanding the death penalty for victimless crimes, the demonization of infidels and heretics, the apocalypse, hell, the inferior status of women etc.), REALLY believing it can make even the most appalling behavior seem like the only right thing to do. Thus my first problem with religious faith is that it allows otherwise intelligent people to think and act AS IF such doctrines were true even if they are not. Religious “extremism” is simply what follows – quite naturally – from this.

    Of course this doesn’t apply equally to all religious beliefs, but this brings us to the second, and in my opinion more basic, problem with religion in general. The main error that all religious believers are guilty of, as I see it, is to believe for the WRONG REASONS (as you HAVE TO DO in order to believe in God, since no other reasons are available). The same kind of wrong reasons that gave us the jains also gave us the jihadists. The fact that the CONTENTS of jain beliefs are harmless while the CONTENTS of jihadist beliefs are harmful is pretty irrelevant with respect to the deeper problem which is simply leaving the most important questions in life up to blind faith in the first place. To quote Sam Harris, “Faith, if it’s ever right about anything, is right by accident”. Leaving the most important questions in life up to faith is therefore more or less synonymous with leaving it all up to chance, and that really makes me very, very angry.

  8. 23

    Thank you, Greta.
    I would have finished it last night in a single sitting but I had to put it down at 2am at only 80% through to sleep.
    You have captured my feelings exactly and have voiced them far more eloquently then I could ever hope to. This is the simplest and clearest argument against religious thinking that I have ever read. Your deconstruction of the moderate, interfaith, and “spiritual” beliefs will be my go-to for debates.
    Reading this felt like a huge vindication of my feelings about religion and all of my white hot, fist shaking, firmly-grounded and justified anger.
    I can’t wait for the hardcopies. I’m going to buy several copies to hand out to friends and family.
    Thank you!

  9. 25

    Is there going to be a Kobo version as well?

    Hmmm, only book on kobobooks.com with Greta Christina listed as an author is Three Kinds of Asking for It, which contains ‘Bending’. They mention ‘the author of Paying for It‘ in the notes, so I assume it’s the right person.

  10. 28


    I already left a review on Amazon after reading your book. I finished it a week or so ago, then on Sunday I was talking with my wife (who is really struggling with the fact that I’ve abandoned all religion) and she asked, “But, why don’t you believe in God?”

    We’ve had this conversation so many times that I was was frustrated. So, I said, “When we get home, I want you to read ONE chapter of a book. She explains it better than I can.”

    Yesterday she read the chapter “10 Reasons Why I Don’t Believe in God.” Last night she said for the first time ever, “I’m starting to realize that there might not even be a God.”

    That might not solve all of our other marital problems but somehow you got to her in a way that I have not been able to after years of trying to explain it.

    So, as Brian Dalton likes to say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you.”


  11. 32

    Just finishing up this book and I have enjoyed it very much.
    Greta, you covered everything so well. I have always been at a kind of loss how to deal with the New Age and “Spiritual, not Religious” crowd. I liked it all.

    “Do you believe in Santa Claus?”
    “But you believe in Jesus?”
    “Want to think about that?”

    Most people won’t but some might.


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