“Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” Now For Sale On Nook!

And the book is now available on Nook!

Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Thing That Piss Off the Godless is now for sale as a Nook book! It’s already for sale on Kindle. It’ll be coming out soon on Smashwords — I’ll announce it as soon as that happens. All ebooks are only $7.99!

And yes, I’ll be doing a physical dead-tree edition as well.

If you read the book and like it — please spread the word! Tell your friends, Tweet it (I’m on Twitter at @Greta Christina , btw), Facebook it, write nice reviews on Amazon or Barnes and Noble about it, let people know about it on Internet forums, bring it up with your family at Easter supper. Help me spread the good news of atheist anger!

And here, for those who missed the Kindle announcement, is the description, and some wonderfully flattering blurbs.


Why are atheists angry?

Is it because they’re selfish, joyless, lacking in meaning, and alienated from God?

Or is it because they have legitimate reasons to be angry — and are ready to do something about it?

Armed with passionate outrage, absurdist humor, and calm intelligence, popular blogger Greta Christina makes a powerful case for outspoken atheist activism, and explains the empathy and justice that drive it.

This accessible, personal, down-to-earth book speaks not only to atheists, but to believers who want to understand the so-called “new atheism.” “Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” drops a bombshell on the destructive force of religious faith — and gives a voice to millions of angry atheists.

“Greta Christina’s analysis of religion is acute and witty, and at the same time fair and compassionate. And I’m jealous: I sure wish I could write as well as she does.”
-Alan Sokal, Professor of Physics, New York University

“Greta has done something truly impressive with this book: She explains in a calm, reasonable, and thoughtful way exactly why she’s a pissed-off, angry atheist. She’s not alone, though, and it’s not only other atheists who will agree with her. In fact, I *dare* religious people to read this book and not come away furious at the often awful impact faith has had on the world, even if they don’t believe they’re responsible for it. I may be a ‘friendly atheist’ online, but Greta definitely speaks for me in this book.”
-Hemant Mehta, Friendly Atheist, author of I Sold My Soul on eBay

“If only more people could channel their anger into something so inspiring! Greta Christina has written the perfect book for anyone who wonders about the true impact of religious dogma on women’s health, gay rights, science education, and the daily lives of those who have no faith. Her concluding chapter, which contains solid advice for how to make a positive change in the world, will ensure that you’ll have an outlet for all that rage you’ll build up by the end of the book. Trust me — you’ll need it.”
-Rebecca Watson, Skepchick.org

“I found this book informative and enraging! Leave it to Greta to inform and elucidate like no other. I highly recommend this book to everyone, everywhere. And I hope never to get Greta angry at me. 🙂 ”
-David Silverman, President, American Atheists

“Greta Christina’s book offers a passionately lucid explanation of the reasons for atheist anger and its connection to the energy behind all movements for social justice. It is both informative and inspiring.”
-Ophelia Benson, Butterflies and Wheels

“They say if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. Well, Greta Christina is definitely paying attention — and in this book, she delivers a clean, bracing blast of atheist anger, like a refreshing cool breeze in a stifling hothouse of faith, that offers compelling reasons why all rational people of conscience should oppose religion and the harm it does.”
-Adam Lee, Daylight Atheism

“Greta Christina is one of the best writers on religion out there, period. I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time.”
-Chris Hallquist, The Uncredible Hallq

“This just became my number-one book to recommend to all believers and new atheists alike. I thought the field of atheist literature was all just rehashing the same stuff by now. But this is an original, visceral, and ultimately complete defense of not just atheist outrage, but atheism itself. Greta sticks to the undeniable facts-on-the-ground and articulates it all correctly and well, heading off every possible rebuttal with brilliant economy. She never gets bogged down in abstract philosophy, yet still hits every key abstract point, leaving you by the end with no rational reason not to agree, and finally kick to the curb that useless old religion, or get off your bum and really do something for the cause.”
-Dr. Richard Carrier, author of Sense and Goodness without God

“Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” Now For Sale On Nook!
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14 thoughts on ““Why Are You Atheists So Angry?” Now For Sale On Nook!

  1. 3

    I got my copy…but when I bumb into you at the reason rally, what will I have you sign? This is a problem, you can’t sign my android.

  2. 5

    got it, am about half way through reading it. Stellar work! I’d love to have a lot of my religious friends read it, but we have an unspoken agreement: they don’t push their religion on me, and I just don’t talk about it. (Maybe now, after reading your book, I will feel better able to talk about it – but only if they bring it up.)

  3. Rob

    Crap, I got all excited and bought this right away (since I have a Nook), without reading far enough to realize that you’ll also have it on Smashwords, which would presumably be DRM-free and give you a bigger cut. Oh well. Maybe I’ll buy it again.

  4. 7

    Just finished the first chapter on Kindle. Very well written – seriously, I’m a professional editor and you’re very good. Will catch another chapter or two before I hit the hay tonight. Congratulations. Hope it sells well. I think it will.

  5. 8

    Gah. I own a Nook and just bought it on B&N, but apparently their “US only” policy applies to credit cards as well as delivery addresses, which I was not aware of. So now they think I’ve given them an invalid credit card number, sigh. Hopefully I can buy it from Smashwords, which I must have skimmed over in the post, thanks Rob. 🙂

  6. 9

    Just bought a Nook, and now just bought your book. Look forward to reading it soon (only a few others in front, but may skip them). Seriously, I love your writing and can’t wait to dive in. Hope you do well with it, and in all your other endeavors.

  7. Jim

    Picked up a copy for my Nook last night, and am nearly halfway through it.

    Really enjoying it, and while (as you said in your next post) some of it comes from existing content you’ve published here, it’s great to see how you’ve pulled it all together and expanded upon some of the ideas.

    I also really like how current events are woven into the list in chapter 1.

    Great job!

  8. 12

    Greta! Great book, and I’m just getting started with it. I have a small quibble with point #53, regarding Giordano Bruno’s execution. He wasn’t technically burned to death. He was slowly roasted. The good Christians who tied him to the stake and lit the fire, wanted him to suffer as much as possible, so they set a very low flame. Too high a flame would result in Mr. Bruno having died of suffocation, as the hot gasses seared the fine tissues of his lungs, preventing the transfer of oxygen to his blood. So they wanted a low flame and they wanted him to cook slowly, like fine southern barbecue. This was considered an act of Christian mercy. Why, you ask? Well! I’ll tell you!

    The good Christians knew full well that Mr. Bruno would be suffering for eternity in Hell, but they also believed in various levels of suffering in Hell. And by causing as much suffering for Mr. Bruno as possible in the “here and now”, Mr. Bruno’s suffering in Hell would be reduced.

    I wonder if Giordano appreciated just how mercifully he was treated by the good Christians who roasted him alive?

  9. 13

    Greta! I purchased this last night about 7pm EST and finished it before midnight last night!!! I could NOT put it down. Your words speak exactly what my mind knows but I am not able to articulate. I never come up with responses in the “heat” of the moment and I believe your book will allow me to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will purchase the paperback and start marking it up!!!

  10. 14

    Bought it yesterday and read it all in one sitting. Loved every word of it. You inspired me to finally “come out” to my religious parents about my non-belief and why I arrived at the conclusion that there is and never has been any supernatural anything anywhere, ever. Thank you so much!!

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