Caturday: The Full-On Assault

I realize I’ve been slacking a bit lately on my cat blogging duties. I told myself that I had good excuses: I’ve been writing a book, getting ready for the Reason Rally, staying caught up on Project Runway All Stars. (Go, Mondo!)

But a few weeks ago, Crommunist threw down the gauntlet. He dared — DARED, I tell you — to bring the hate to cats, cat owners, and people who post about cats on the Internet.

This. Will. Not. Stand.

I have, as I said, been a bit distracted lately, with finishing my book and preparing for the Reason Rally, and other matters that are clearly of lesser import. But now, now that I have a moment to catch my breath, I am taking on this challenge with a full-on assault.

Brace yourself for a barrage of kitten cuteness. Crommunist, prepare to be boarded!

Redonkulous pile of all three kittens.

Comet and Houdini snuggle while I blog.

Talisker in the sink. She is, for some reason, totally obsessed with water, and the sinks and bathtub are pretty much her favorite playground.

Houdini. Normally she’s so self-possessed and dignified. It’s very cruel of me to mock her this way.

Comet in my laundry basket. Do not ask me how she got in there. And yes, her eyes are that wild and crazed most of the time. Life with her is… well, let’s just say it’s never boring.

This is a very classic Talisker expression. Often she’s very sweet, but she also has a testy, impatient, “WTF are you looking at?” side.

Talisker and Comet, both snuggling on my lap and being SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE IT’S PAINFUL.

And finally, for the coup de grace:

The redonkulous tangled-up Tetris pile of all three! My brain is crawling with parasites, is it? Well, I hereby infect THE ENTIRE INTERWEBS with the parasites of adorability! An army of cat lovers cannot fail!

Caturday: The Full-On Assault

37 thoughts on “Caturday: The Full-On Assault

  1. 3

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Take that, Crommie! (SRSLY, what was he thinking? Without cats there’d be no Internet, and no one would ever have bothered to invent digital cameras.)

    Comet in my laundry basket. Do not ask me how she got in there.

    My sweet kitty Holly used to jump up on my desk, then down into my waste basket and holler for “help” to be let out. Said help was required to consist of several minutes of undivided attention, or she would jump back in the wastebasket and holler some more. She did this for many years.

  2. 5

    Talisker in the sink. She is, for some reason, totally obsessed with water, and the sinks and bathtub are pretty much her favorite playground.

    I had a cat who was obsessed with the toilet being flushed. If anyone went into the bathroom, Gilbert would follow in hopes the toilet would be flushed. He would put his front paws on the seat and watch the water going away. He’d stay until the tank finished filling. Then he’d do something else until the next person went into the bathroom.

  3. 6

    My cat Casper is also a water lover. The sinks are his favorite hang-outs. He also peeks around the curtain while I’m showering and sticks out his little pink tongue to catch the drops of water.

    ‘Tis Himself – My hubby’s cat Dax is obsessed with watching the toilet flush in the exact same way.

  4. 7

    Stephen Foster, if you look in Greta’s blog archive under “Cats,” there will be some posts from this past December called “Catroductions.” Greta explains the story of each kitten’s name in those.

  5. 9


    Talisker and Houdini merge with Comet into the tripartite kitteh mecha, a saccharine-saturated attack bot. In the last frame, they are poised to launch the Toxo-Plasmo attack, a (implied) kinetic assault on the higher brain functions. In moments, they will simultaneously stretch their forelimbs and yawn, delivering the final punishing blow to their nemesis.

  6. 11

    An army of cat lovers cannot fail!

    Unless someone gives us a kitten. And our goal is something other than saying “Awww, it’s so CUUUUTE!”.

  7. 18

    I know right? You expressed pretty much everything I’m thinking..”potentially exposing minors to a public sex act and knowingly inflicting psychological damage on students.” What a load of shit. This was a UNIVERSITY course, so they’re really grasping at straws if they think this could have had minors psychologically damaged. It was not required; this is just stupid.

  8. 19

    Our kitty is recovering from dental surgery. He is still cute, and it is a bit sad when he cuddles because he is in pain. He has been requesting (demanding) more lap time, and we cannot refuse him.

    Project Runway All Stars. (Go, Mondo!)

    While I love Mondo’s creations, I have a soft spot for Austin. He looks almost exactly like my son. When my daughter and I first teased him about the resemblance he put Austin’s picture on his Facebook page, and everyone thought it was him. My son is off in college so I miss him, which is why I am glad Austin has not been eliminated.

  9. 21

    Our cats also like sinks, but it is for more utilitarian reasons, like peeing. I suppose if they don’t like the sand, the sink is better than a lot of other places might be.

  10. DLC

    We had this cat who would sleep in the bathroom sink on a regular basis. he looked remarkably like Talisker.
    Catz rul dogz drul!

    but I still maintain that Ceiling Cat does not exist. Which of course means that Basement Cat doesn’t exist either.

  11. 30

    I had a seal point (i.e. LOUD) that used to get up into a sink, usually in the kitchen, and then yowl and whine until somebody turned on the faucet for her. You were supposed to turn it on lightly, and she would sit there and drink directly from the stream. Whenever there was a person around, she never drank from the bowl on the ground.

    My cats loved our old apartment. They would hide in between the curtains while we were in the shower, occasionally sticking out their heads and meowing at us. When we got our first kitteh, we used to try to keep the bathroom door closed because of drafts, but as soon as the door opened, she’d run and jump right into the tub and stare at us as if to say “What?”. Now that we have a walk-in shower, our newest kitty just hangs around outside the door and yowls, then rubs all over my feet before I can dry them off.

  12. 31

    I barely remember this particular cat, but when I was around 3 my mother adopted a feral tabby. This cat was terrified of strangers (and me, as far as I can remember. My only memory of this cat is trying to coax her out from under a bed.) but loved water and rain. My mother remembers the tabby hopping into the shower with her regularly.

    My old cat would do the same thing, but without the whining. She’d just sit quietly pawing at the faucet handle until someone turned it on for her.

  13. 33

    Katherine Lorraine, you are absolutely right about Talisker. We have been noticing for a few weeks now that her coat is getting more and more gingery in spots. Comet now has a little bit of the ginger too. They were both quite silver/grey with a little bit of brown when we brought them home. Have other people seen kittens change color as they get older? This is a new one for me, and I have had a lot of cats in my life.

  14. 35


    Cats coats do change with age. My kitty (a black and white tuxedo) used to have faint brown stripes on his fur and now… hold on…

    … now his coat is a lovely really dark chocolatey brown color (almost pure black) but no stripes.

    One of my other kitties was a similarly grey cat whose color changed to a normal brindle before – but he’s got an awesome coat with spots and stripes and a few swirls – and a cream belleh, it’s so cute I must scritch it whenever I go back to my parents’ house.

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