Iranians in Iran join Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar

From Maryam Namazie’s blog:

Young members of the Worker-communist Party of Iran who live in Iran have joined the scream! Since they would be executed for this act, their faces are covered with slogans saying ‘Long Live Women’s Freedom’, ‘No to Hejab’, ‘No to Islamic Reaction’, and ‘No to Gender Discrimination’. They have printed the calendar and pasted it behind them.

The full-sized photo is at Maryam’s blog.

I am now so humbled and proud to be part of this project, I can’t put it into words. The extremely minor risk I took with being in this calendar pales in comparison to the risk these folks are taking. Knowing that my picture is one of the ones posted up there behind them… I don’t have words.

Iranians in Iran join Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar
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17 thoughts on “Iranians in Iran join Nude Photo Revolutionary Calendar

  1. 1

    Without wanting to make too light of it, but it is interesting that one of the guys has enough guts to risk his life by being in the photo, but not enough to take his shorts off!

  2. 3

    Holy shit! So I’m going down the list reading various blogs here on FTB. I get to Greta’s blog, open it up and BOOM! Tits and dicks! Normally, who cares? It’s a naked body. So what? But at this particular moment my boss is standing next to me, handing out some projects. I’m about 99% sure she was either looking at her papers or looking at one of my coworkers because she didn’t say anything, but holy shit my heart stopped for a few seconds.

  3. 4

    First, agreed, I have all the respect for these people they are braver than I can even imagine.

    Secondly, I kinda look through my RSS feed on a work computer so if possible could NSFW pics be blow the fold?
    Obviously I love freethought blogs and will not be unfollowing because of it. I just don’t want to accidentally scroll over while another employee is nearby. Awkward and reportable.

    And that brings me back to how brave those people are. I get worried that my job is put at risk if I view their picture accidentally. They are willingly putting their very existence at risk. I can do a quick scroll by and my minor risk is gone, they are part of this project forever. Pedestal seen.

  4. 6

    From Office Theater…

    Boss: “Are you looking at porn on your work computer?”

    Worker: “No, this is an atheist blog. That’s a protest picture.”

    Boss: “Atheist blog? You’re an atheist?”

    Worker: “Yes. See, there are countries where people are murdered by the government for showing too much skin. So these people are protesting by taking nude photographs. It’s not porn.”

    Boss: “So you worship Satan?”

    Worker: *sigh*

    – emc

  5. 8

    Forbidden Snowflake, I read here at FTB so when the picture of naked people is at the top of the page, there is no warning. Besides, several other blogs have covered this topic as well and there haven’t been any nude photos at the top. I’m not complaining, it was just a shock and unexpected.

  6. 9

    I have never been so proud of so many people in one calendar. Thanks for doing this, Greta. And thanks for helping publicize it. There’s a copy of the calendar in the mail on the way here, now I just have to figure out which wall it will look best on!

  7. 12

    Sure it’s an individual’s right to decide whether or not they want to be publicly shown naked. But most women aren’t interested in this. Most importantly what they should have a right to is an education, the right to determine how they make a living, other than being dependent on a male and the right to be respected as intelligent human beings and not just available for the gratification of men to be bartered for dowries. Then again, there are some who think equality means lowering themselves to the worst male behaviour such as swearing, getting drunk and being promiscuous. That is what choice means.

  8. 13

    Then again, there are some who think equality means lowering themselves to the worst male behaviour such as swearing, getting drunk and being promiscuous.

    You know, I’d be tempted to ask why you think swearing, getting drunk, and being promiscuous beat out rape, murder, torture, and genocide for “the worst male behavior”, but I’m not even going to concede that much to you.

    What’s even WRONG about swearing, getting drunk*, and being promiscuous?

    *and not driving

  9. @@

    Um, perhaps you shouldn’t be looking at blogs at work and I don’t know, maybe be working. That would solve the nude picture “issue” real fast.

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