Greta and JT Speaking at U of Arkansas, Fri. 2/17

If you’re in or near Fayetteville, Arkansas this Friday, some hear me speak! JT Eberhard and I are doing a joint speaking event at the University of Arkansas, hosted by the school’s godless/ skeptical group, Occam’s Razors.

I’ll be speaking on “Happy Thoughts about Godless Death,” and JT will speak about “Reason as a Moral Obligation.” There’ll be snacks and social time first, Q&A afterwards, and then more hanging out. More details, including a map and directions, are on the group’s Facebook page. Come by and say howdy!

EVENT/ HOSTS: Greta Christina and JT Eberhard, hosted by Occam’s Razors, University of Arkansas
DATE: Friday, February 17
TIME: Snacks at 6:00 pm; talks begin at 7:00 pm
LOCATION: Old Main, Giffels Auditorium, University of Arkansas
TOPIC: Happy Thoughts about Godless Death
SUMMARY: One of the most difficult things about leaving religion is letting go of belief in the afterlife. What are some ways that atheists can find comfort and meaning in the face of death?
JT’s TOPIC: Reason as a Moral Obligation
SUMMARY: JT will explain why it is important for us to think logically about the world. The talk will encourage intellectual thinking, which is a fundamental part of being a skeptic.
COST: Free, and open to the public

Hope to see you there!

Greta and JT Speaking at U of Arkansas, Fri. 2/17
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7 thoughts on “Greta and JT Speaking at U of Arkansas, Fri. 2/17

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    “What are some ways that atheists can find comfort and meaning in the face of death?”
    Isn’t this the wrong question? I’d rather want to know what’s so attractive about eternal afterlife. Suppose I go to heaven, something that seems the biggest wish of most christians. Heaven is meant to be perfect. That means that there is nothing left to do, so if I get used to it after a while only eternal boredom is left. Why should that be better than eternal torture in hell?
    Actually I have asked some christians this question. Obviously they never have thought about the implications.
    My son still depends on me, but otherwise I would not mind at all to die peacefully. That doesn’t mean I long for dying. Still personally I sometimes grow tired of this world already. It’s just way too early to call it a day, but I expect getting tired more and more.
    Those are my thoughts about a godless death.
    Reference: Simone de Beauvoir, who wrote a novel about eternal life.

  2. 6

    Sigh. I know you’re pausing from blogging for really good reasons- reasons I support and am excited about, in fact. But this seems as good a time as any to let you know that I am actively missing you and your voice, and that I’m really *really* envious of people who live close enough to this event that they can get a “Greta-fix”.

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