And Now, A Brief Pledge Break

We’ll return to our program, “Why Greta Christina Is Totally Brilliant And Awesome,” in just a moment. But first: Won’t you consider supporting this blog?

I have a quick question for y’all. Do you spend five dollars a month on your favorite sources of entertainment, enlightenment, information, and distraction? Do you spend five dollars a month on, say, books? Magazines? Cable TV? Pay porno sites? Music downloads? Video games? Live wrestling? Movies?

Do you think it’s worth it?

If so, I’d like to ask you to consider subscribing to this blog, for the low low rate of five dollars a month. Or, if that doesn’t work for you, please consider making a one-time donation of any amount.

The publishing world is changing. It’s increasingly becoming an online game instead of a printing- on- paper one… and as of yet, very few publishers have figured out a way to make online publishing pay. (Freethought Blogs is doing pretty well — but it’s not doing well enough yet to earn me a living.) But bloggers, and other creators of online entertainment/ enlightenment/ information/ distraction, work just as hard as people who write books, write magazine articles, make TV shows, make porn videos, create video games, wrestle, or make movies.

So if you think my blog is just as entertaining, enlightening, informative, and/or distracting as the cable TV or movies or magazines or whatnot that you enjoy, I hope you’ll consider supporting it financially, with either a five- dollar- a month subscription for one year, or a one-time donation. I give this blog away for free, and I passionately love doing it… and at the same time, I am trying very, very hard to get to a place where I can make a living as a writer. Subscriptions and donations from my readers are an important part of how I can make that happen.

Think of it as public TV or radio. This blog is brought to you by generous support from readers like you. If you’ve enjoyed recent posts like What Are The Goals of the Atheist Movement?, Why “Yes, But” Is the Wrong Response to Misogyny, or No, Virginia, There Is No Santa Claus — or classic posts like Atheists and Anger and Atheism and the “Shut Up, That’s Why” Arguments — then won’t you consider supporting this blog with a small contribution?

You can go the subscription route, which spreads your donation out in small increments over a longer period. (A subscription to my blog is $5 a month for 12 months.) Or you can make a one-time donation, and that can be for any amount. Even small donations would be very much appreciated. You can use a credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account, or your PayPal account if you do. And if you don’t want to use the PayPal system at all, you can send a check or money order to:

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Please help make this a world where blogging is a viable career option for writers. Thank you so much for your patience. We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

And Now, A Brief Pledge Break
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23 thoughts on “And Now, A Brief Pledge Break

  1. 2

    Hmm. Normally I’m stingy with internet donations, but your writing has resulted in a decent amount of paradigm shifts on my part, which is quite an accomplishment. I’d say that justifies subscribing!

  2. 3

    Well, I will definitely donate, but have you spoke with the FTB overlords about the possibility of some kind of FTB membeship program? Maybe it comes with a t-shirt or a bumper sticker. It could be a great gift for friends and family, and help support the whole network.

  3. 5

    Consider adding a flattr button there among your Facebook/twitter/etc buttons, as well:

    If you can get paid for individual articles, that helps you know what your readers are responding positively to and you can focus your writing more on what people like. 🙂

  4. 6

    Subscribed. Your blog (well, previous blog technically) was the first atheist blog I found after I left religion, and your blog is still probably my favorite. That’s definitely worth a subscription.

    SeraphymC brings up a good point: this could be a cool option for FTB to offer…say $10-$20 a month for an ad-free version of the site or something.

  5. F

    Wow. Much applause for making it easy for anyone to donate. So when I have money, which is very scarce in my home, I’ll remember you.

  6. 8

    I understand your problem, Greta. As a retiree, I don’t have a lot of money. However, I’m doing a carpet job this weekend and I plan to get a money order and send you a contribution. I just can’t bind myself to a monthly amount. I hope a lot of others can.

    My own blog doesn’t cost me anything and it keeps my life interesting rather than boring. It would be nice if it paid me something, but that is not an issue with me right now.

    You are one of my favorite bloggers, along with P.Z. Myers.

  7. 9

    Bring back as much sex as you had at your old blog and I’m in.

    But seriously, I’ll help out when I can. I presume cash is OK as I make about a third of my income cash off the books as a private tutor. I know the Post Office has that huge sign that says Nunca envie efectivo but I figure ten bucks will get there OK.

    I really do owe the people of San Francisco as Occupy SF kicked in a couple thou to bail out my fellow Occupiers after #D12 Houston which was the most effective Occupy the Ports action other than Oakland.

  8. 10

    Hi Greta,

    10.00 USD on its way from South Wales, UK. (And will continue frequently).

    Thank you for this blog, the clarity of the writing is unsurpassed. I haven’t read so much in a long time as I am doing at the moment.

  9. 12

    When (if ever) I’m back on my feet financially, you will be on my list of things/people to spend money on. Right now, I simply have no discretionary funds (the answer to your questions was “no” for me; even my internet is free through my wife’s employer).

  10. 14

    I wish I could help you but all I’ve got is a tip of my hat and a wish that you get enough to support yourself. I’m in the same position (though I’m a fiction author, not an awesome and spectacular feminism and atheism blog writer) and I’m trying to get my own donations to eat and pay the rent.

    So here’s from a brother in arms, or pens! If I find work I’ll send back money!

  11. 16

    As far as I’m concerned, subscribing here IS paying a porno site, just catering to a different organ … and being an amazingly great deal for the quality of the action.

  12. 17

    ahem, I just need my memory poked. I would miss your writing, Greta, and I want you to have as much of a chance to do it as possible. And I would miss getting my “hit” of kittens:)

  13. 19

    I just couldn’t help myself. As soon as I saw this post my hand stopped obeying my brain and reached for my wallet.

    Thanks for all your writing and activism. Hope my little contribution helps you on your way up.

  14. 21

    You know, when PBS does their pledge weeks, they always start running different progamming than usual,long specials, and there is usually an entire evening of Deepak Chopra progams.

    Perhaps, if we pledge enough, you could promise not to show any long Deepak programs.

    I also like the idea of FTB running a membership program. With T-shirts, definitely!

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