Help Free Freethought Conferences and Public Spectacles – Support ReasonFest!

ReasonFest — the totally free, two-day freethought conference in Lawrence, Kansas on Feb. 11 & 12 — is doing a fundraising drive. It looks to be an awesome event: speakers include Jennifer Michael Hecht, JT Eberhard, Jamila Bey, Greg Epstein, Darrel Ray, and many more. Plus there’s going to be a game room and lots of other opportunities for socializing and general fun.

ReasonFest is organizing on the Skepticon model — make the conference free to make it much more accessible to more people, especially younger people, working class people, and others who can’t usually afford to ago to conferences. It’s an excellent model, one that can bring atheist conferences to a lot more people and do a lot to build end expand the community. But it’s a model that, obviously, depends on fundraising and donations. And obviously any help they get is … is very … helpful.

They’re asking for our help to make it happen… and organizer Michaelyn Everhart is offering to make a public spectacle of herself if they reach their goal. (Funny how that’s becoming the new model of atheist fundraising. Wonder where they got that idea…) If they raise $1,000 by January 24, she’ll be getting a mohawk onstage during the event for everyone’s entertainment. How can you pass that up?

Please do what you can! Help ReasonFest keep going — and get Michaelyn a mohawk in the bargain!

Help Free Freethought Conferences and Public Spectacles – Support ReasonFest!
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2 thoughts on “Help Free Freethought Conferences and Public Spectacles – Support ReasonFest!

  1. 1

    “in Lawrence, Kansas…Epstein”

    Crikey! When I glanced at the first paragraph all I saw was the above names and thought this was going to be about yet another atheist scandal. I thought this item was going to be about Lawrence Krauss defending his parasitic billionaire friend who was jailed for using his money to solicit underage girls for sex at his mansion. According to Skepchick, some of these victims that Krauss ignored in his haste to defend his creepy billionaire mate were as young as 13.

    Incidentally, Greta, are you going to be giving Krauss the old DJ treatment and boycotting his meetings, events and books? I hope so.

  2. 2

    Off topic – it’s only Monday and already looks to be lousy week. Perhaps some cute kitten pictures to lighten the load?

    Thanks for any consideration!

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