Caturday: Team Tabby on the Cat Condo

And now, some cute pictures of our kittens.

We’ve taken to calling Talisker and Comet “Team Tabby.” The two of them just seem like a unit sometimes: they love to tussle, and they love to snuggle, and they love to chase each other up and down and up and down and up and down the hall. They very much have their own distinct personalities, and even their own distinct looks… but sometimes when they snuggle, it’s hard to tell who is who, and it just looks like an undifferentiated tangle of tabby parts. We got so lucky, getting kittens who are so happy to hang out together.

Here are a few shots of them hanging out together on our cat condo. Which they adore. (And for those of who’ve been asking where we got the cool wicker cat condo: We just got it at PetCo. It’s their eco-groovy brand.)

I know. That last one is so cute it’s disgusting, right? It’s like a freaking Hallmark card around here sometimes.

Caturday: Team Tabby on the Cat Condo

15 thoughts on “Caturday: Team Tabby on the Cat Condo

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    This morning, Dax the Maine Coon was playing his hiding game between the shower curtain and its liner. Conner, my German Shepherd service dog, came in to get his ears scratched. That caused him to wag his big powerful tail. You guessed it! He whacked that tail into the shower curtain, sending Dax into the tub. Dax was not a happy camper.
    Conner is always so gentle with the cats, and Dax always bullies him terribly. This time, he got back at the cat and didn’t even realize it – LOL.

  2. 4

    Oh they are so cute! My Ceiling Cat watch over them and protect them from Basement Cat. 🙂

    Stacy, there is always the Church of Ceiling Cat. You think Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the only of it’s kind? Humans are welcome, as long as they worship Ceiling Cat. 😉

  3. 10

    Hi Greta, and a (belated albeit) very Happy 50th Birthday!!! So glad you chose the birthday over the alternative. What you said is what I always say to friends bemoaning the advent of another year. That said, I turned 60 this past October and it did freak me out a bit. But I’d rather this than the other and I’m so glad I lived long enough to discover your articles, both in Alternet where I first discovered them and then in your blogs. It was from your blog that I learned about R.D.’s “OUT” campaign, and your writings that made me understand how important it was to come out, which I did at that time. THANK YOU and here’s hoping that there are many more articles and years to write as well as read them.

  4. 11

    I’m not sure how this happened but I intended the previous comment to be for your previous post “Happy 50th Birthday To Me …”. Oh well, you get the idea one hopes.

  5. 14

    a. Happy Birthday

    b. You haz three kittiez, two tabby kittiez- omFSM, that is like three times the cuteness I gets wif my one tabby kittieh.

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