The Kittens Have Landed!

This is what my blogging life is going to look like for a little while.

The kittens are home! We got them from the fostering folks last night. The two little tabbies, Talisker and Comet — a.k.a. Team Tabby — started settling in almost right away. “Settling in” being defined in this case as tussling and racing up and down the hall at full speed, occasionally punctuated by sitting in our laps and purring for two minutes. Yesterday evening mainly consisted of collapsing into gales of uncontrolled giggles, and following the girls around discovering ways they can get into trouble and trying to forestall them. The curtains in living room have already been removed.

But screw this narrative crap. You all want pictures, don’t you?

This is Comet. Comet is clearly our trouble child: the one who thinks laptops are laps, and hands are chew toys, and kitchen counters are the best thing ever. And then, just when we’re totally aggravated (and okay, laughing our asses off — I’m so sorry we didn’t get a picture of her in the sink), she goes and does this:

Comet and Talisker are litter-mates, and one of the best things about them is that they like to tussle/ snuggle with each other. On top of us, if at all possible.

We didn’t get a lot of pics of Houdini last night: she’s more timid about being in the new space, and is still mostly hiding. But this one of her investigating our library and our exercise ball isn’t bad:

And now, for the nuclear bomb of cuteness from which humanity mauy never recover: Comet and Talisker snuggling, giving each other a bath, and falling asleep in each other’s paws.

As the last shred of human civilization crumbles in the unstoppable power of cuddly silver tabby kittens, we all gasp together with one final cry: AWWWWWWWWW!

The Kittens Have Landed!

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    Best spousal excuse ever: “I’d get up and help you, really I would, but I’ve got a cat in my lap.” It doesn’t work now, because neither of our remaining cats is a lap cat. But Husband and I have both used it many times to good effect over the years!

  2. 4

    I’m at the other end of the story. My 18 year old cat, Hammerstein, is quite obviously failing. I hope she makes it past the holidays because otherwise it will not be a merry Christmas.

  3. 5

    I love the picture of Ingrid with cat looking like she is going to cry with love, and Greta’s intense “KITTEH” face. You guys are equally as cute as your kittens.

  4. 8

    KITTEHS!!! Congratulations on your new family! Two of my three kitties are lap cats; my grey tabby (who looks a lot like your newbies) is not, except for rare occasions. Can you believe how much noise they make chasing one another? I have a two storey and the sound when they are running up and down the stairs and the upstairs hallway is SO loud; one would think I kept a herd of buffalo up there. Again, congrats and enjoy your two lucky little tabbies.

  5. 9

    My favorite is the picture of Comet on the counter with the blender, and an electrical cord, and the kitchen knives, and the wine bottles.

    I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

  6. 17

    Do you find that their dashing about the house approximates the sound of a herd of elephants? This is an observation made of my cats and I seek scientific confirmation.

  7. 18

    ‘Tis, give Hammerstein a gentle hug for me. Our Sasha turned 19 last October and the bad days are starting to outnumber the good. Every day that she’s with us and happy is a gift.

  8. 24

    @LadyDreamgirl: Having only one cat myself, I find that the sound is really more pony-like. Perhaps we can hypothesize that as the number of cats increases, the apparent growth in animal size and/or population is exponential?

  9. 26

    @LadyDreamgirl —

    Yes, “herd of elephants” is the phrase I came up with for my own. I also had a friend who lived above me in my building with two cats, and hers also sounded like a herd of elephants on my ceiling.

    @Anon —

    It’s been so long since I had only one I don’t really remember, but I think there may well be something to your theory. Of course, I have no intention of reducing my cat family just to test. 😉

  10. 29

    They are SO cute! I’m glad you have them home now. If my cats are any indication, an empty cardboard box and a paper bag make the best toys. Forget about those storebought toys. They like the packages your toys came in.

  11. 30

    I second the herd of elephants. Has anyone else mistaken a cat coming down the stairs for a person, because the sound of the footsteps seems similarly weighted?

    We had a pair of litter sisters (both over the Rainbow Bridge now, alas) who would groom each other and then fall asleep with their paws entangled, almost like a yin-yang.

  12. 31


    Cute = understatement

    (I’m owned by a cat myself, black and gold tortoiseshell named Zosma – from the proper name for the star Delta Leonis. Owned by a Jack Russell x Fox Terrier named (but not by me) Harry as well.)

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