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It seems like a good idea to state and clarify my policies about email, including my policies about privacy expectations.

My email address is greta [at] gretachristina [dot] com. If you want to contact me, that’s the best way to do it. (I almost never read my Facebook inbox.) Just so you know: I’m not able to reply to every email I get, or even to most emails I get, or even to a tenth of the emails I get. I apologize for that. I simply don’t have time: if I replied to every email I got, I wouldn’t have time to eat or sleep, much less blog. I do read my emails, and I pay attention to them.

On privacy:

I want readers to be able to email me about sensitive matters — including religion and sex — without fear of exposure. Therefore, if you email me, and your email does not include a threat to myself or others, I will keep your email private. I may summarize the gist of it to friends or colleagues, and I may refer to it in a generic sense (i.e., “I get lots of emails from people saying that I helped change their mind about religion”), but I will not otherwise make it public without permission.

I do sometimes publish emails from readers here in the blog. I only do so after asking their permission. If I do publish an email, I will respect the writer’s wishes to be published anonymously or under a pseudonym if they prefer, and/ or to redact any part of the email they don’t wish to make public.

There is one exception:

If your email contains a threat to myself or to others, I entirely withdraw my offer of privacy. I reserve the right to make public the entire email — with full name, online handle, email address, IP address, URL, and any and all other identifying information — of anyone who emails me with a threat to myself or to others. I reserve the right to publish all or part of this information on my blog, to inform any and all individuals and organizations about it, and to inform the police about it, at my discretion.

That’s all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled ranting about religion and pictures of cute kittens.

Email Privacy Policy
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11 thoughts on “Email Privacy Policy

  1. 1

    Don’t forget to add that you reserve the right to misquote others without apology, put words into their mouths, ignore that your sycophants are goading the person, ignore that this is the reason why the person could get angry while you ignore your sycophants’ actions, and blog about it, as you did in your last blog. You and your sycophant army also reserve the right to play the “rape card” when someone simply disagrees with you, much like some Jews play the “anti-semite” card, when someone argues against them. Add that, for accuracy.

  2. 2

    Of course, Greta, being famous in organized atheism for her patience and diplomacy in conversing with those who disagree with her, does none of those things. She also doesn’t show up out of the blue to attack others, which is another reason people do things like trusting her with extremely sensitive information in their emails.

  3. 7

    @#3 feralboy12, yes, I don’t blame you for being skeptical. That is always a good thing. So if you take a look at BOTH the last blog and Greta’s facebook, you will see that she misquoted someone. In the last blog, towards bottom comments, D.J. Grothe (President of the JREF), “Anon”, and myself, pointed it out.

    Here’s the facebook post, the misquote happened in her 2nd response,

    And here’s the last blog, while paying attention to the rational comments towards the bottom,

    And once again, if you disagree, you get labeled as a troll, just like the victim in the facebook post.

  4. 9

    Sycophant, if you call my behavior sycophantic, you’re telling me I’m behaving as someone who doesn’t have their own independent motivations. That would be…demonstrably silly. Much like your name.

    Do you really want to try to tell me that my opinion of the conversation I read is not my own?

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