On the other hand… KITTENS!

Everyone — meet Talisker, Comet, and Houdini.




We don’t have them in our home yet. We have friends who do cat and kitten fostering: these pics were taken at their place, where we were introduced to the kitties and fell stupidly in love. We’re bringing them home next week.

We were just going to get two, I swear. But we fell in love with Houdini (the tortoise shell)… and yet we couldn’t bear to split up the two silver tabbies. Also, we were attached to the idea of having two small boingy kittens… and Houdini is somewhat older, five months, and past her boingy stage. Hence: three kittehs.


You may not get much sensible blogging out of me for the next few days. Weeks. Months. Years. You’ve seen that XKCD cartoon about how intelligence declines in proportion to proximity to cats? That’s me and Ingrid. Ever since last night, we have been virtually unable to say anything intelligible, other than, “KITTEHS!”

Oh, and Jen McCreight: Watch your back. Your kitten-based blog traffic is mine. Pixel is awfully darned cute… but we are about to have three. I will pwn you. Pwn you with kittens. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Want more? of course you do. After the jump.

Talisker snorgling with Ingrid. Talisker is the super-charmer: she goes “Boing, boing, boing,” and then gets super-snorgly and lovey. Super attention hog. Our lives are never going to be our own again.

Houdini is the Zen master. Calm, relaxed, sweet, apparently full of hidden depths. No doubt what she’s really thinking is “Bzzzzzzz”… but it seems like she’s uncovered the mysteries of the universe. Here she is, doing her impression of a jaguar.

Comet goes ‘BOING! ZIP! POUNCE!” And then falls asleep on top of the other kitties.

As seen here. Comet falling asleep on Sylvester. (Who we decided not to adopt. Four is just too many for our little apartment.)

Houdini, looking ultra-spooky.

Houdini and Comet. No, Comet is not a parasitic twin extruding from Houdini’s neck. All appearances to the contrary.

Talisker and Comet going “Boing!”

Talisker and Houdini, tag-teaming my lap.

Talisker, being a snorgle-puss.

And Talisker being a love-bug. Subtly different from a snorgle-puss. These distinctions are important.

You’ll be seeing more of these girls in the coming days, weeks, months, years. A lot more. A lot, lot more. Get used to it. Welcome our new family!

On the other hand… KITTENS!
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36 thoughts on “On the other hand… KITTENS!

  1. 6

    Ah, kittehs are awesome. Have a ball with them. I look forward to the photo war between you and Jen.

    I decided to give up 2 of my 3 kittehs recently. 37 years of cleaning litter boxes got too much for me.

    (((kitteh hugs)))

  2. 11

    I have one large cat on my lap as I write this, and my right hand is carefully threaded between the front and back legs of another cat, who has taken up residence on my desk and Will Not Be Shifted. They are 13 and 20 years old, respectively, so it’s been a long, long time since we had baby kitty energy around the house. I hope I get to see the new livestock while they are still boingy, but if I don’t get there soon enough, flick a ball of paper across the floor for me, would you? Congrats on the new kids!


  3. 13

    So glad you’re getting kitties!! I very much look forward to dueling Caturday posts. Poor Pixel is going to be at a disadvantage with those three tag-teaming her!

  4. 14

    Congrats! I got two sib kittens a year go, and it is such a great experience to have two+, especially since they can play with each other while I’m working.

  5. 15

    I love Houdini’s two-tone nose! They are adorable. Having sibs is great. Two of mine are litter-mates, and they keep each other company and groom each other. Too cute!

  6. 16

    Talisker! Very cool name for cat. How about another named after it’s southern neighbour Caol Ila? (Or Lagavulin, or Bruichladdich or….Port Ellen!)

  7. 17

    Houdini is somewhat older, five months, and past her boingy stage.


    My Ms Kitty is going on 13 and still boingy. Chances are when the kittens are a bit older and they’re all about the same size Houdini will not have to play the role of Dignified Older Cat. Watch out.

  8. 18

    Congrats on your new family members. Mike, who owns this house, and who thinks that when I stare at a computer screen I clearly need something more useful to do, like pet him, is mad at me because I made him get down so I could type this.

  9. 20

    Surely the kittens won’t remain kittens for years …

    … or maybe they will. I once met a cat which never grew up. She was ten years old, but she still acted like a kitten, and according to her human, that was exactly how she acted as a kitten.

  10. 24

    Oooh, kitties! We love kitties!

    Yep, I’m losing IQ points right now, because my cats are all wanting a lap to sit in. Fortunatly, we have several laps around here, so there’s never a shortage.

    Enjoy your new world! Forget about your lives never being the same – it’s your curtains that are in for it!

  11. 26

    Kitties! How lucky for you. We have feral sibs that are three and one older cat, very much on her dignity so as not to get bounced. Enjoy the bouncy stages.

  12. 27

    Aaaawww, kittens!! 🙂

    I have two cats, an old lady who is close to 21 years old, so there aren’t that much boing with her these days, even if she still gets her play moments every day. It never really goes away it seems 🙂

    The other is around 10 years old (he’s a rescued cat so I don’t know for sure) and still has a lot of boing, only he’s a huge seven kilo male so when he goes boing… he pretty much wrecks the place 😀

  13. 28

    *sigh* My very best pet-friend ever was a curmudgeonly little tortoiseshell named Mandy. We got her when she was a baby and I was nine, so I guess you could say we grew up together. She played aloof, and always loved to act like she was too cool to hang out with me, but it was just the *worst* act ever. Who would be crying and rattling her paw under my door at 3 a.m. to come in and sleep with me? Who would follow us the whole way when we walked the dog? Who would do a balancing act on the rim of the bathtub the entire time I was in the bath? Who would sneak herself onto my lap whenever I went to visit the parents? She was my pal for a good, solid 19 years. 🙂 Thanks for the memories, Greta! Enjoy many long years with your new ladies.

  14. 32

    As of writing this I have two KITTEH’S boinging around and on me neiq wndinafp9 [email protected]#$#$ and on my laptop as you can see 😉
    Greta, the kitties are too cute!

    What does cephalopod overlord myers have to say about this kitty invasion of FTB? He now not only has to battle Jerry Coyne on the outside, he’s having to combat the threat from within. mwahahahaha

  15. 33

    KITTENS!!!!!! Kittens, kittens, kittens!

    I SO wish I could have one, but space does not allow. I may have the chance to do voluntary work down my local cattery, just waiting to get on the rota.

    In the meantime, any time you want to post pictures of kittens….don’t be shy…. 🙂

    I want to see FTB : Kitteh page. Or is there one already?

  16. 36

    Consider yourself lucky to have got away with only getting three when you only wanted two…

    We adopted an 18-month old girl (from frankly irresponsible previous “owners”, she was scarcely more than a kitten herself and she’d already had one litter) to keep our boy company.

    What we weren’t expecting was for her to be expecting another litter.
    We went from having one cat, briefly through two cats up to having eight felines of assorted sizes.

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